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Tools for controlling presentation in sync Reviews

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Presentation mode is a feature available on accounts with a Review Pro add-on.

Presentation mode allows logged-in Users to take complete control of a Review.

When Presentation mode is enabled by a User, it automatically brings all participants in the review into sync and locks all other participants' transport and drawing tools, so the presenter can run the sync review session without any chance of interruption.

To enable Presentation mode, a logged-in User simply needs to click the blue Presentation Mode button at the top of the interface.

The display will then switch to show that you are now Presenting. Presentation mode can be turned off at any time by clicking the same button.

Please note: While in Presentation Mode, all participants are always in sync with the Presenter.

For any participants in Presentation Mode, they will clearly see it in the interface, so there is no confusion. All the regular transport and drawing tools are hidden, replaced with a message that a User is presenting.

When Presentation mode is turned off, all participants will remain in sync, but will immediately have access to all normal controls, so they can again interact with other participants in the session.

Tip: Upgrade with a Review Pro add-on to use Presentation mode

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