• Users - Participants in a cineSync Review session - equivalent to 'seats'. A user can be a session initiator or a guest, and as each person joins a session, they take up one 'user or 'seat. The maximum number of users allowable in a Sync Review session is limited by the number of users defined in the account. So 5 user accounts will support a session with one session initiator and up to 4 guests, whereas a 2 user session will only allow the session initiator and one guest.

  • Annotations - Drawings that are added to frames.

  • Review Session Owner / Initiator - Term given to the user who starts a cineSync Review session using a paid cineSync 5 account. When the owner leaves the session, the session will then close.

  • Guest - A user who joins a cineSync Review session using a session key given by the session owner.

  • Media Files - The general term for all the different file types that cineSync supports, which includes movie files and still picture files.

  • Multi-Session - Running two or more different cineSync 5 Review sessions at a time using the same account (username/password) details.

The maximum number of simultaneous users is defined by the number of users on the account. So a 10 user account can have 5 x 2 user sessions, or 1 x 10 user sessions, but never more than 10 simultaneous users in total.

  • Session Key- The code given to a session owner to allow guests to join the Sync Review session.

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