NB: In order to have a synchronised review session while using cineSync Play, you’ll need a cineSync Pro account, which you can sign up for here

There are two ways you can start the Sync Review session.

You can choose the ‘Start Sync Review’ from the Review menu.

Or click on the ‘Start Sync’ button in the lower-right corner of the tools menu.

When the Sync Review session is launched, a dialogue box will appear with the following options: ‘Join Review’ and ‘Create Review’.

  • Join Review - This allows you to join a currently active cineSync Review session that has been started by someone else. A cineSync Session Key will be required from the session owner. You do not need a cineSync account to join sessions.

  • Create Review - This allows you to start your own cineSync Review session, which guests may then join. To create a session, you need to have a paid cineSync account. Details on what your account means can be found here.

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