Much like standard media players, cineSync Play has buttons to control the playback of movies - Play / Pause, Step Forward and Step Backward.

The 'Home' and 'End' keys will jump to the beginning or end.

  • A full list of available keyboard shortcuts can be found here.

Playback- shortcut keys

Playback controls are in the main player interface but can be accessed also via shortcut keys.

You can use the space bar to play / pause playback, and the keys J, K and L can be used to play the clip backwards, stop, or play forwards.

Press the J or L key multiple times to play the media at different speeds. cineSync Windows and OSX will play x2 / x4 / x6 and x8, the regular speed.

Loop playback can be toggled on and off, either by using the loop button to the side of the play controls, using the Loop function in the 'Navigate' menu, or by using the shortcut ⌘L.

'In' and 'Out' Points can be set to define the start and end of a looped section - again, this can be set in the 'Navigate' menu, or via the shortcut keys I (set In point), O (set Out point) and C (Clear in/out points).

You can also jump (or 'scrub') to a frame by clicking anywhere on the timeline - cineSync Play will jump immediately to that position, and everyone in the review will be placed at the same position.

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