You can add media files to the Playlist in a number of ways.

  • Firstly - you can simply drag and drop a file or folder directly onto the cineSync movie window. (For image sequences, you only need to add one file of the sequence - not the folder.)

  • Secondly - you could add a file by choosing ‘Add Media’ from the 'Playlist' menu and following the prompts to locate the required file.

  • As a third option - files can be added by the drop menu at the bottom left of cineSync Play.

  • Fourthly - via the Playlist. Choosing the ‘Show Playlist’ from the 'Playlist' menu and then using the selection buttons on the bottom of the Playlist viewer.

  • If you have access to an ftrack account, you can also browse your ftrack instance for files, again either via the onscreen playlist, via the Integration menu, choosing ‘ftrack Studio’ or via the Playlist like shown above.

More information about ftrack Studio integration here.

Tip: cineSync Play also provides demo files that are added to the playlist when you select 'Add Test Media to Current Session' from the ‘Help’ menu.

However you choose to add your media, once the required files have been added, they will be loaded into the session.

The order of the Playlist can be changed simply by selecting a file in the Playlist and dragging it to the required position.

Right-clicking on media in the Playlist will allow you to rename it.

When you change the selected media, it changes for everyone in the Sync Review session.

If one of your guests changes the selected media, it will change for you.

You are always seeing the same thing at the same time as everyone else.

The Playlist Viewer will update the status of each file to show which media files in the Playlist have been viewed already during the session.

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