Please note: The following documentation refers to the cineSync 5.0 and cineSync Play review player. If you are looking for the cineSync 4.2.6 User Manual, it can be found here.

cineSync Play

cineSync 5 uses our newly designed review player, cineSync Play, which can be downloaded and installed for free on any OSX, Windows, or Linux machine.

While cineSync applications have always been free to install, cineSync Play is the first version to function as a standalone player on your desktop, enabling local, frame-accurate playback and review of high-res frame sequences, OTIO and OCIO support, and more.

If you happen to be an ftrack customer also, then you use the ftrack Integration with cineSync Play. This allows versions to be added easily in cineSync Play and the notes exported back to ftrack. Detailed notes on this are further in this document.

If you require ShotGrid, you might need to purchase a cineSync 5 account which will grant access to the ShotGrid Integration. Detailed notes on this are further in this document.

Having a cineSync 5 account will also allow you to hold a synchronised review with other users regardless if an ftrack or ShotGrid user.

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