Have troubles with your ftrack site or tools?

There may be several different reasons behind the performance issues of your ftrack site or tools, and It might not always be easy to determine the reasons behind the unexpected behaviour immediately.

To diagnose what might be the cause, we need to properly understand the troubles you are having; here are some guidelines on how to diagnose and troubleshoot these issues.

  • If you are having any issues with your ftrack instance, then the first thing you should check is that ftrack is not undergoing any maintenance or reported downtime from the ftrack Status Page.

ftrack monitors all of its critical services both internally and through 3rd party services. If there are any knows disruptions in our service, the incident notes will be updated there.

Initial troubleshooting steps

Here are a few things to try before reporting a performance issue to our team

  • Make sure to verify that you have a functioning network connection.

  • Make sure that your browser version is up to date.

We test all our products with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and recommend using only the 3 latest versions of these browsers.

Get help from our team

If all systems are reporting as operational and the initial troubleshooting steps do not yield any insightful results, then please open a ticket with our support team, attaching as much additional information as possible, so we can investigate further.

  • You can open a support ticket via this link.

Information you should include in the support request if possible

In order for our support team to understand and diagnose the cause of the problem, please ensure you include the following information:

  • Identify and explain the issue you are having in as much detail as possible!

    • If possible, supply us with screenshots or screen recordings.

  • Send us the URL address of the affected page/s?

  • Is the issue consistent (i.e it occurs after the same set of steps), or does it appear inconsistently? (i.e at random intervals or unexpectedly)

  • Are you having issues across multiple machines, or is it happening only with specific devices?

  • Confirm if the issue affects all the users or only specific users?

    • Extra points if you provide us with the name/s of the affected user/s)

  • Do you see any Error messages?

    For example:

    • Please elaborate and confirm what error message you see?

    • At what point while using ftrack do you receive the error (ie when the user logs in, on a specific page, etc)?

    • If possible, please attach a screenshot of the error.

  • If you are experiencing slowness on your site?

    • Is the slowness experienced across the whole ftrack Studio site, or it is only slow on specific pages?

    • Is the slowness experienced when viewing media in a Review session?

    • Are the slowdowns happening during specific time periods of the day?

      • Please provide a rough timeframe if possible?

    • Are any significant production processes happening at that time of the day?

    • Are any large scripts running at that exact time?

    • Are you having issues with uploading and transcoding media taking a long time?

      • Please let our team know what type of media you are trying to upload, including the specifications of the problematic file ( Frame size, Codec and container, Frame rate, File size in MB).

      • If possible, please attach the problematic file.

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