Beta build 4 (30 November 2021)


  • Added support for 360 "latlong" media

  • Added blackboard and whiteboard functionality

  • Added ability to rename playlist items from the main playlist

  • Added ability to display alpha channels independently of other channels

  • Added keyboard shortcuts to select output channels: Shift + R, G, B, A


  • Better support for "Open with" on macOS and Windows

  • Added script to install protocol handler on Linux (for KDE and Gnome)


  • Fixed dropdown menus appearing on wrong screen when used with dual displays

  • Fixed "Sign in with Google" crash on macOS

  • Fixed connection issues that could prevent cineSync Play from connecting to on-premise instances of ftrack Studio

  • Fixed most connection issues to a ftrack server with SSO enabled. Remaining issues to be fixed in future updates

Beta build 3 (11 November 2021)


  • Support for embedded 2 channel audio tracks (support for non-stereo audio, and support for separate audio tracks will be added in a future update)

  • Added support for OCIO environment variables

  • Added option of installer-free version for Windows

  • Ability to add up to four levels of subfolders


  • Upgraded OpenEXR, OpenColorIO and Imath to latest versions


  • Fixed crash on CentOS 7 when showing file select dialog box

  • Fixed crash on windows when using EXRs with DWAA compression

  • Drawings now resize correctly when the window is maximised on Linux

  • Fixes to focus issues on Linux

  • Fixes for OpenSSL issues on CentOS 7, this prevented playback on some Linux systems

  • Fixed issue with custom component names containing whitespace

  • Fixed issue loading frame sequences from ftrack Studio on Windows

  • Fixed preferences being deleted on macOS

Beta build 2 (18 October 2021)


  • Added support for MXF files

  • Hold Alt/Option key and move mouse to scrub on video

  • .cs5 files now associated with cineSync Play

  • The [ and ] short cut keys increase and decrease annotation line thickness

  • Basic preferences dialog added, allows changes of playback

  • Proxy support


  • Dark mode UI now enforced on macOS 10.14 and above

  • Removed 8 GB memory limit and set max memory pool size to 80% of available physical ram

  • Improved UI resolution on Retina display

  • Line drawing quality improved

  • Settings and changing saved frame location

  • Better error messages if errors occur while trying to connect to ftrack, plus logging

  • Removed close confirm on exit, if playlist is empty

  • UI fixes to the ftrack entity picker


  • Fixed adding folder on linux

  • Now listens and respond to SIGINT on linux

  • Fixed preferences saving on macOS11

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