During the beta phase, features and functionalities will be added to future builds. As such, there are a few known limitations and issues that are actively being worked on.

Known issues in cineSync Play that are currently in development:

  • No zoom tool

  • No support for stereoscopic/3D video

  • No text annotations

  • ftrack Studio 4.8.4 is needed to connect with cineSync Play - so cineSync Play will be able to browse ftrack for all cloud customers ("current release channel"), but on prem customers will likely see an error, until an ftrack update is issued. For on prem customers that have access to a cloud based staging server, cineSync Play could be tested against that in the meantime.

  • Legacy on prem installations need to configure ftrack with "ftrack.enable_desktop_player_option = true" before the ftrack Desktop player setting is available in system settings under Review.

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