Please note: cineSync play is now out of beta and full docs can be found here.

cineSync Play is the first release from our upcoming update to cineSync - cineSync 5.0

While cineSync 5.0 will be a full update to cineSync, with all of the features you know and love, plus a host of new updates, cineSync Play is simply a standalone, local desktop player. Essentially you can think of cineSync Play as an offline version of cineSync - it requires no license or authentication, you can install it on any machine, and it will play a wide variety of files, formats and sequences, but it is for local playback only, not interactive reviews.

cineSync Play is currently in release as a beta - we expect to release several updates during the beta period, which is expected to run from October 2021 to early/mid 2022, culminating in the release of the full cineSync 5.0 suite.

Learn more about cineSync Play via the links below

cineSync Play features

cineSync Play supported file types

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