5.2 – Creating a client review
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Viewing work in progress is an essential component of any project. Seeing how the media is being produced provides an opportunity to give feedback, helping to shape the direction of the work and ensuring that it is meeting the requirements of the brief. When creating a review, it can help to also add media that will be shown before and/or after so all the media is viewed with context. By sharing associated media such as a clip that was previously approved, or a clip that will be seen immediately before or after the clip that is to be reviewed, it minimises the likelihood of technical inconsistencies and maximises the relation of assets when viewing them together in a sequence.

Scenario: We want to share the latest progress with the client and see how the shots are progressing. To help with context, we want to add a selection of clips that are part of the same sequence to see how the shots flow from one another.

ACTIVITY: Let’s create a Client Review

  1. From the Versions view, hold Ctrl or CMD and select multiple versions. Each Version will be highlighted.

  2. Make sure to include all Versions of the Asset, so that you can compare them.

  3. Right-click and select, Client reviews > Create from selection. You will now be directed to the Client review management page

  4. Click in 'Review name' to edit and give the Review a name and description

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