2.3 – Resource availability
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Viewing resource availability can help to increase the efficiency of projects and reduce the risk of assigning work to team members who are unavailable, for example, away on a vacation. Being able to see from a high-level availability of resources makes it easier to reschedule work. A handy use of resource scheduling is to plan for national holidays and personal vacations of team members to ensure that there is sufficient cover and time.

Scenario: A team member has an upcoming vacation during the project. We would like to reduce the risk of assigning work to them when they’re unavailable. Therefore, we will add their vacation to the project schedule and reschedule any affected tasks accordingly.

ACTIVITY: Let’s plan for an upcoming vacation

  1. Navigate to Overview > Users

  2. Toggle on the timeline view

  3. Click on Filters

  4. Create a new ‘user filter’ and select the attribute Group

  5. Select the Modelling team group

  6. To add a vacation, drag out a new block on the timeline on the corresponding row of the user that should have vacation.

  7. Click on ‘Leave’ and add Vacation for the Name.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Have a look at the timeline and confirm that the new Leave block was added where it should be.

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