In this article we will learn about some of the more advanced features in ftrack Review

Compare mode

If you have added more than one version to a Review, you can compare the versions in compare mode.

Next to the version name in the upper left, there will be a version number. If there is more than one version, there will be a drop down menu that will allow you to select alternative versions for playback - and also to compare versions.

The two available compare modes are Overlay and Side by Side.

If you have multiple versions, you can select which version to compare to using the dropdown

Sequence playback

Rather than playing each file in your playlist individually, you can choose to play some - or all - in the same timeline.

Using the playback options gear menu, select either Play All or Play Selection.

Play All will assemble all the clips in playlist order (you can adjust the playlist order using the vertical playlist). Play Selection will allow you to choose which clips you want in the sequence.

Playback speed

In the same playback options gear menu, you can also change the playback speed of your media, including while it’s playing. It’s a useful function for auditioning speed changes, especially in animation

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