Creating a project

Let’s create our first project in ftrack Review.

By default, ftrack Review will launch the Project page, showing you all of your available Projects. If you don’t have a Project yet, you’ll need to create one, by clicking the + Create Project button in the top right corner.

Enter the name of your project. You can edit the name later, so don’t worry if you’re unsure what to name your project at this stage.

Private access can be toggled “On” if you don’t want all your team members to be able to access the project.

Click Create project.

You now have a new, but empty Project.

Tip: Adding a thumbnail to the project at this stage is optional, but it helps your team to quickly identify it. To set a thumbnail, first select an image that best represents your project and then drag your image into the thumbnail space, or click the thumbnail space to find the image on your local computer.

You can also further identify your project by assigning a color to it. Click the color icon below the project thumbnail to set a color.

Creating a review and adding media

The first step to creating a new review is simply to click + Create Review in the top right corner.

Then you can enter the name of the Review and a quick description of what it’s for, as well as selecting a few settings for the Review - then it’s just a simple matter of clicking Save and your Review will be created!

You will be taken to the Review interface, but with no media - so you’ll need to add some.

In the lower right you’ll see two buttons - Upload from Computer and Import from Library.

Upload from Computer will launch a file browser and you can choose any media file - or multiple files - from your local computer to add to the Review.

Once you have selected the media and clicked Open, the files will be transcoded for web playback and added to the Review. You can see the Upload progress by clicking on the Uploading progress button. The files will be added to the playlist as soon as they are uploaded, and can be played as soon as the transcode process has completed.

Clicking Import from Library will allow you to add media to this review that you have previously uploaded to other Reviews in the Project. Just select the files you want and click Import. Files that are showing greyed-out ticks have already been added to the current Review.

You can add video, still frames and PDFs to ftrack Review.

Adding guests to your Review

Once you’ve added your media, and any initial notes or comments, you can invite others to join your review. Click the “Add Collaborators” icon to create the invitation.

This will launch a dialog that will allow you to either copy the link to the session, or to send emails with the invitation link included. Either way, once your colleagues receive the invitation, they will be able to click the link and join the session.

Start Sync

With other participants in the Review, you can make it a collaborative, interactive, synchronised review, simply by clicking Start Sync, and asking your guests to do the same.

Anyone who has successfully joined Sync will have a flashing purple indicator on their icon.

While in sync, all participants will always see the same frame of the same media at all times - playback, notes, drawings, media changes, etc are all synchronised.

You can drop out of Sync and work independently at any time, by simply clicking Leave Sync.

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