February 10, 2021

  • NEW Generate a shareable link to a client review.
  • NEW Manage media from within a review. You can now upload or add media from the project library, sort and remove playlist items.
  • NEW Review playlist will now be automatically updated for logged in users when new media is added or media finishes processing.
  • NEW New option "Include thumbnails in emails" available from the Workspace preferences page. If disabled, no thumbnails will be included in notification and invitation emails.
  • NEW Add search functionality in ftrack Review to make it easier to find users / projects / media / reviews.
  • NEW You can change the playback speed of media
  • CHANGED Improved drawing with smoother lines when using brush tool.
  • CHANGED Update navigation structure in review and thereby change the users journey.
  • CHANGED Improved presentation of media that is processing or unplayable and added the ability to download unplayable media.
  • CHANGED Updated localization for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.
  • CHANGED You can now control the volume from the player toolbar.
  • FIXED Poster images when videos are loading are displayed in low resolution.
  • FIXED Can not see if additional resolutions are encoding.

October 1, 2020

  • NEW Improved player interface that puts the media in more focus by giving it more screen estate.
  • CHANGED Moved “laser tool” to player toolbar and changed order of tools.
  • CHANGED Allow users to download images attached to notes.
  • CHANGED Hovering over card and playlist item titles reveal truncated names in a tooltip.
  • FIXED The spacing in the Version selector is off when there is only 1 version.
  • FIXED Keyboard shortcuts heading gets cut off on smaller screen resolutions.
  • FIXED Keyboard shortcuts are not specific to the users current platform.
  • FIXED The description text in the "Version up" modal is not visible in the light theme.
  • FIXED Opacity value in sync is sometimes a bit off between collaborators.
  • FIXED Sync is a bit off in compare mode.
  • FIXED Error is thrown sometimes when entering compare mode.

June 23, 2020

  • NEW Add new compare mode, Overlay, where you can compare versions by changing the opacity.
  • NEW Add "Leave review" button in the collaborator interface.
  • CHANGED Transparent images now show a checkerboard pattern behind them.
  • CHANGED De-emphasize the secondary media when giving feedback in compare mode.
  • FIXED Player toolbar flickers and shows stale data when changing media.
  • FIXED Comments written in Microsoft Edge does not contain an exported annotation for use in PDF export.
  • FIXED Version numbers are not localized.
  • FIXED Tooltip for download button in fullscreen mode of player is positioned wrong.
  • FIXED User may appear as in sync when sync connection is dropped.
  • FIXED Highlight the current step in the onboarding stepper.
  • FIXED Review expiry date label is displayed using the API name.
  • FIXED Annotations did not always appear to all in sync, when revisited.
  • FIXED Can not see annotations on PDFs while in compare mode.
  • FIXED Hovering over images shows a pointer cursor when clicking has no effect.
  • FIXED Safari fails to start video playback when in sync in some situations.
  • FIXED The styling in the compare header is a bit off.
  • FIXED Holding shift while dragging does not show grabbing cursor.
  • FIXED Displaying native size is not applied when in compare mode.
  • FIXED Selecting the already playing version breaks the page.

June 10, 2020

  • CHANGED Updated localization for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.
  • FIXED Status is reset to seen if previously changed when loading a review.
  • FIXED Can not play media when sync connection is not established.
  • FIXED Start sync button is shown before establishing connection to sync server.

May 20, 2020

  • NEW Reviews with sync - Review media in sync with collaborators.

    When in sync, all participants look at the same media and frame. Feedback and changes appear in real-time and and annotations are automatically saved as drafts.
  • NEW Compare versions of the same asset side by side.
  • NEW Add playback support for high-resolution media with a standard of 1080p.
  • NEW Allow changing video resolution in player.
  • NEW Now possible to buy Review Pro for more sync participants, increased storage and 4k video support.
  • CHANGED Add spinner to asset card in uploading state.
  • CHANGED Updated text in dialog for adding collaborators to a review.
  • CHANGED Change versions of an asset in library from player header instead of sidebar.
  • CHANGED Simplify user experience for empty states.
  • FIXED Some text in ftrack Review that have grammatical errors.
  • FIXED Clicking on the already selected menu item causes issues with the video frame rate.
  • FIXED Feedback without any text comments and drawings can be posted.
  • FIXED Annotation tools closes when clicking on the frame tag in a note.
  • FIXED Resizing screen to a narrow window causes an error.
  • FIXED Error when playing review before media has finished encoding.
  • FIXED Images smaller than the viewport are scaled up.

April 14, 2020

  • NEW Redesigned player full screen mode with the ability to control playback.
  • NEW Annotate when giving feedback from Library without first creating a review
  • NEW Added setting to disable notifications for collaborators.
  • CHANGED Videos do no longer auto-play when changing media.
  • CHANGED Annotation tools are no longer reset when changing media.
  • CHANGED Display warning if there are more than 200 comments on one media.
  • CHANGED You can no longer select to give feedback in one review from Library, all comments from Library are internal only.
  • CHANGED The feedback box is now centered on large resolutions.

March 27, 2020

  • NEW Passphrase protection for review sessions. When enabled, your collaborators will need a passphrase to enter the review session.
  • FIXED Download button appears on Android devices when playing the media in full screen.

March 24, 2020

  • CHANGED Added keyboard shortcut for closing the annotation tools.
  • FIXED Switching media more than an hour after loading the review may cause errors displaying it.
  • FIXED Team members list disappears briefly when managing project access.
  • FIXED Unable to post reply to comments in review on mobile.

March 17, 2020

  • NEW [Feedback] New laser annotation tool. Useful for highlighting parts of the image without saving the annotation.
  • NEW [Localization] Add support for Russian localization.
  • CHANGED [Feedback] Improve performance when posting feedback in a Review.
  • CHANGED [Feedback] The default annotation color has changed to be unique for each collaborator.
  • CHANGED [Feedback] Annotation drafts are now shown as timeline markers.
  • CHANGED [Feedback] Annotations are no longer cleared automatically, but can be do so explicitly with a new button in the toolbar.
  • CHANGED [Player] Updated design of time format menu to match playback menu.
  • CHANGED [Localization] Updated localization for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.
  • FIXED [Player, Mobile] The player timeline is hidden in the mobile layout.
  • FIXED [Player] Clicking on the playlist or comment frame tags may jumps to the wrong frame if the video sequence contains a variable frame rate.
  • FIXED [Player] No tooltips for player toolbar icons.

February 19, 2020

  • NEW Play back specific videos in sequence by selecting "Play selection" playback mode.
    CHANGED Added media type icon to each item in playlist in the review player, as well as a new icon if item has multiple versions.
  • CHANGED Improved performance when managing reviews that have a lot of content.
  • FIXED Duplicate items may appear in Library and "Import from library" modal if there are more than 25 assets.
  • FIXED A version which is not the latest may be displayed when managing a review with more than 100 objects.
  • FIXED Activity tab in library fails to load if asset has been renamed.
  • FIXED The checkboxes on the items in different dialogs does not work to click on.
  • FIXED The version selector doesn't sort correctly when there are 10 or more versions of the review session object.
  • FIXED The play review button is visible for empty reviews.
  • FIXED The download button is missing from the internal review player.
  • FIXED Links in activity feed to review media are broken.
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