On November 6, 2019, we announced our acquisition of Cospective, creator of the Academy Award and Emmy-winning cineSync.

You can read the full announcement here, and read the FAQs below.

What’s changing in the short term?

Cospective will continue to support cineSync with the same level of service as customers have come to expect, as will ftrack with its own products. The only immediate change will be in Cospective’s support availability, which will increase to 24-hour, around-the-clock support thanks to the larger resources and capability of the global ftrack organization.

What’s changing in the long term?

We will work to improve both ftrack’s and Cospective’s products across the board. The extended team will share expertise to build technology with the core goal of improving and enhancing the workflows of creatives around the world.

What new “technologies and innovations” can we expect?

At this stage, it is too early to comment, but rest assured that we are working on some very cool things, and you should expect to hear about them soon!

What are the plans for the Cospective team?

The Cospective team will remain in Adelaide, Australia, and will grow to better support the development and growth of the media review and approval suite. The global ftrack organization will expand all areas of the team in Adelaide, from development to support, sales, and marketing, and is also looking to hire in the US, Europe, and China in 2020. Keep an eye on ftrack’s careers page!

Will there be any redundancies?

There will be no redundancies. Although Cospective’s products were a core driver of this acquisition, the most critical factor was the team itself: Cospective is more than a product – it’s the group of people who made that product. Cospective and ftrack have built a strong and robust working relationship over the years. We both respect one another’s work ethic and talent and share the same end goals and aspirations. As such, we are very excited to welcome all of the Cospective team to the ftrack family and will invest in growing that team further in Adelaide.

What does this mean for cineSync customers?

cineSync customers will experience no disruption or change to their cineSync experience. cineSync will continue to be supported now and in the future.

What does this mean for Frankie customers?

Frankie will, for the foreseeable future, be supported and developed by the Cospective team. At the same time, Cospective will contribute to ftrack Review, a web-based review platform that will expand on the feature set of Frankie, while offering similar functionality.

What does this mean for ftrack customers?

ftrack customers will experience no disruption or change to their ftrack experience. Over time you can expect only positive improvements thanks to the new media review and approval expertise added to the ftrack team.

How will support be affected?

Cospective will soon be able to offer 24-hour, around-the-clock support, while the core support team will remain unchanged.

How will pricing be affected?

There will be no changes to pricing.

Can I still buy cineSync or ftrack as separate products, or will they only be available as a bundle?

We will continue to offer cineSync and ftrack as separate products, and you can purchase them individually, or both if you so desire. We will continually review our service with customers over the coming months and years. If new options make sense and add value to the customer, then we will consider adding them to our portfolio. What we won’t do is force our customers to buy a bundle. If you just want cineSync, or just ftrack, then you can have either. We think all of our products work well together, but it’s entirely up to our customers what they want to use.

Where can I buy cineSync from?


How much crossover will there be in terms of development between ftrack and Cospective?

Cospective will remain focused on its domain expertise of media review and approval. The Cospective team will continue to improve that functionality in its own product suite, as well as across the ftrack ecosystem.

Beyond that, Cospective and ftrack’s products possess a great deal of mutually beneficial features. We will look very closely at the opportunities these synergies present. Wherever we see scope to create a better user experience that empowers our end-users to collaborate even more closely, we will seek to expand our offering.

This approach won’t be solely an internal effort; we will continue to work closely with our customers to understand their needs and add further capabilities that increase interactivity between artists, directors, producers, and everyone else working on creative projects. This will be our core aim for any developments tackled in the future.

What will this mean for the product integration with cineSync and ftrack?

The cineSync and ftrack integration will continue to improve and become more robust than ever before.

Will cineSync continue to support integrations with Shotgun, NIM and other production tracking applications?

Yes. Cospective will continue to maintain all existing integrations with third-party software vendors, with new integrations to come. Onwards and upwards!

Will I now be running “ftrack” sessions instead of “cineSync” sessions?

No, the cineSync branding will remain the same. The cineSync brand has built up a respected and worthy position in the industry. We intend for things to stay that way!

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