Using the ftrack review interface


The timeline contains several different items:

Playlist items

All objects in a playlist will be converted to a playlist item when opened in ftrackreview. Playlist items are shown in the timeline or in the action panel. To load a playlist item into the player, select the item and the play button will light up to indicate that the item can be loaded. Press the play button to load the current selection into the player.


Shift or Ctrl/Cmd select to load several items into the player.


Double click on an item to quickly load a single item.


Grouping can be done either on asset parent or on shot. To group, click the arrow on the group button and select the grouping you want.


There are two sorting states: none and project hierarchy. None will respect the order the playlist had when it was created, eg. the order in the spreadsheet or the selection order. Project hierarchy will sort the playlist according to the hierarchy of the project based on the names on sequences / episodes / shots etc.


To filter the current timeline, click the filter button to show the filter panel. You can filter on:

  • Task type, type of the connected task.

  • Task status, status of the connected task.

  • Version status, status of the version.

  • Asset type, type of the asset.


The browser is located to the left of the timeline. With the browser you can browse projects to find shots or versions and add them to the current playlist.

There are two different kinds of actions when adding an object from the browser, Add or Replace. The Add button will add the object to the current playlist and Replace will replace the entire playlist with the current object. If the object is a sequence, all shots on that sequence will be added. When using the drop down to select a new project, the filter panel will update according to the new project’s workflow and types.

Action panel

The action panel is located to the right of the player. All notes, annotations and updates take place in the action panel. The action panel is divided into two areas, top and bottom. The top area contains a details pane, showing information about the current active version.


To view different information about the version, your views from ftrack are accessible from the view select button in the top.

The bottom area contains related notes and versions. You switch between them by selecting the tab you want to view.

Notes tab

In the notes tab you can post notes and add annotations to the current version. To write a note, click the Write a note field and start typing. If you want to attach annotations to a note, there are two options. Click the arrow on the attach button and select any of:

  • Attach current frame, will attach the frame you are currently looking at.

  • Attach all annotated frames, will attach all annotated frames.

When an attachment has been added you can remove it by clicking the Remove button to the right of the attachment. When posting the note, all attachments will be added and each attachment will be named with the frame it belongs to.

Versions tab

In the versions tab you can see related versions to the version you are currently viewing. Move the mouse over a version and click to show the available actions:

  • Wipe*, will toggle wipe mode between the current version and the selected.

  • Tile*, will toggle tile mode with the current version and the selected.

  • Load, will load the selected version into the player.

* Only available in HIERO / HIEROPLAYER and RV.

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