Managing note categories

Note categories provides a way to give notes a label like Internal note, Client note etc. You can create, edit and remove note categories to fit your workflow.

You can manage the note categories at the System settings ‣ Workflow ‣ Note categories page.

Creating a category

To create a new category, click the Create button.

Color of the label displayed in ftrack.
Name of the category.

When you have entered the requested details, click the Create button.

Editing or removing a category

To edit or remove a category, move the mouse over the corresponding row and buttons for the actions will appear.


A note category cannot be removed if there is a note with that category.


ftrack need at least one note category, therefore you cannot remove all categories.

Specify default note category

By default notes have no category selected. By using the Default note category setting notes created from the API and the note category drop down will default to the value of the setting.

To specify default note category go to System settings ‣ Workflow ‣ Settings and select a category in the drop down.

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