Managing review sessions

Creating a new session

Client reviews can be created from any collection of versions by selecting the versions, right clicking and choosing Client reviews/Create from selection

Once created, client reviews can be accessed via the list of Client reviews in the left side bar of the project.

The review can then be opened in two different ways. The first is to simply hover over the review in the list and use the drop down arrow to select "Open"

The second way to open a review is to click on the review in the list, and a preview of the review will appear, showing the review content, and also all the review settings in the right hand menu. You can choose to change any of those settings, to edit the content of the review, etc - or you can simply click the Open Session button in the upper right of the interface.

Inviting guests to join Client reviews

Guests can be invited to the review in a number of ways. Firstly, they can be invited from the interface shown above, using the "Share review via link" and "Share review via email" options in the right hand menu.

Alternatively, the same options are available from inside the review, using the Share This Review menu in the right hand task bar


All invitees will get a secure link where they can access the content. It is possible to add an extra level of security by protecting your review session with a passphrase.

If you set a passphrase on your review session, all invitees will be forced to fill in the passphrase in order to access the review session.

You can adjust the passphrase settings either during initial setup, or any time during the review in the Settings tab

After the review

Feedback left by the collaborators on the content can be retrieved at any time by clicking Generate Report at the bottom of the right pane.

Comments and annotations as well as status changes are included in the report and can be opened as a PDF file via the Jobs menu in the top bar.

Transferring feedback from a review session

When you’ve got feedback from your clients that you want to share with the team you can transfer selected information from the review session to ftrack.

The Transfer feedback step is important, as it allows you to choose which feedback to include, and which to remove. Sometimes feedback from a client might be unclear, or even unhelpful, and you may not want to send it all to your artists, so this step allows you to select only the feedback you need, or to add extra notes if required.

Navigate to your review session and click Transfer feedback to start configuring what information to transfer.

Selecting what to transfer

Next you need to select what feedback to transfer:

Select notes to transfer from the review session. All annotations will be transferred along with their corresponding notes.

Anything with a purple tick will be included in the transfer, but you can deselect any note or annotated frame.


Use Select All if all feedback is required for Transfer


Statuses can be updated on either versions (default) or the related task. Go to System settings ‣ ftrackreview ‣ Review settings to change what status to update.


You can choose to transfer notes as completable by selecting the "Select all

Transfer notes as completable" option.

Setting selected items to Approved or Require changes

You can change the status of selected items based on the given invitee feedback. If any feedback is Require changes you can set all selected items to the selected status, and if all feedback on selected items is Approved you can set all to the selected status.


Once you’re done, click Start transfer to the right and ftrack will add notes and change statuses according to your configuration.

Notes transferred from a review session will keep the original date and name of the author, and also be marked as a note originally from a review session.


When someone comments on a clip or change status in a review session both e-mail and internal notifications will be triggered. Email notifications are always sent to external collaborators while internal ftrack users have the ability to decide if they want to receive them or not. Read more about "using notifications".

Deleting a session

To delete a review session, move your mouse over the menu item in the tree to the left. Click the small arrow that appears to the right of the name and select Delete.

Cloning review sessions

You can clone an existing client review session to create a new review session with the same description and collaborators.

To clone a review session, press the Clone session button in the top of the right pane, or by choosing the Clone menu option from the context menu in the project outliner.

Launching an Action

If you want to launch an external application from the review session management page, or do something else programmatically with the review session, you can launch an action by clicking the Actions button to the right.

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