Publish versions that can be reviewed using the review tools available in ftrack.

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Review using local players

Playing content from ftrack in local players, such as HieroPlayer or RV, requires published versions in ftrack. Versions can be published from the API like this:

To specify which component should play when loading a version into ftrack review in external review tools such as HieroPlayer and RV you need to set the “Playable component name” for each asset type. This is done from System settings ‣ Workflow ‣ Asset types. By default the playable component name will be “main”.

The “Playable component name” for the asset type refers the the name of a component.

Review in web interface

It is also possible to review files in the web interface using the built-in review tools in ftrack such as client review or the web player.

Here is a list of examples how to publish reviewable media to ftrack:

Make sure to use the pre-defined component names ftrackreview-mp4, ftrackreview-webm and ftrackreview-image. They are used to identify playable components in ftrack. You also need to set the ftr_meta on the components.

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