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How to share and track files as versions in ftrack.

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Media management in ftrack is flexible and supports both sharing of files by Uploading them to ftrack, but also keeping track of your files regardless of the storage you use.

A file tracked by ftrack is called a Component, whether it is on your local harddrive or on your ftrack cloud instance. Components are packaged together into a Asset version. This allows ftrack to keep track of multiple related files in one package.

Uploading files to ftrack from the web interface is easy and a powerful way of sharing your documents, videos, images and other media. Read the article Sharing files from the web interface to learn more on how to upload files to ftrack. Video and image material is automatically encoded to allow online reviewing of your work, see Uploading media for review for an overview.
​Sharing files from the web interface
​Publish local files as versions

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