Configuring scheduling

Settings like workday length and various task settings can be changed in System settings ‣ Scheduling ‣ Settings.

Available settings are:

Workday length
How many hours a full work day is.

Display as days
Select unit to use in ftrack. Example: bid values in days or hours, logged time values in days or hours.

Schedule task dates with time
Turn on to schedule tasks (start date and due date) with time accuracy.

Restrict timelogging
Restrict timelogging to assigned tasks. Enabling this option will limit users to only allow logging time against their assigned tasks and any tasks explicitly made Open for everyone. When this option is enabled, a new option Open for everyone is visible on tasks, which can be set to allow unassigned time logging on certain tasks.

Users can claim tasks
If a task is not assigned to anybody (or assigned, see below) this option enables a user to claim that task (self assign it) without the intervention from a project manager.

Enable multiple task claim
Multiple users can claim a task.

Auto start task on activity
This option automatically sets status to In Progress state (based on Workflow Schema) if there is any activity on a task, for instance a user logging time or publishing an asset.

Add user to team when allocated to an event
Automatically add users to the corresponding Project team when they are allocated to an event. 

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