Migrate to 4.0.3

Local installation
Version 4.0.3 enforces stricter request validation and will not allow POST requests to application or API endpoints from other sources than the configured server URL. If you are accessing the ftrack instance using another domain or IP address, please contact support before upgrading.

Migrate to 4.0.0

Developer notes: Legacy entity types in custom widget changed

When using custom dashboard widgets and triggering the event
ftrack.application.open-actions, some entity types in the event payload have
changed. Entity types with multiple words now have underscored stripped
for consistency with the sidebar.

For example, AssetVersion will now be translated to assetversion instead of

Migrate to 3.6.0

Local installation

When upgrading to 3.6.0 the character set of the ftrack / database connection will change from latin1 to utf-8. During the 3.6.0 upgrade string characters will be converted to the utf-8 character set. This change should not be noticeable from the ftrack Connect, ftrack or the APIs.

Please make sure to read this before running the upgrade:

The upgrade may take a long time to complete, so make sure to run it in staging environment before upgrading production and plan a sufficient maintenance window. If you are using custom connections to the database you must ensure that those connections are using the utf-8 character set after the migration. If not, data read/written may be corrupted as it is interpreted using the wrong encoding.


        Using ftrack's database directly is not supported or advised.

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