Creating a project

Let’s create our first project in ftrack Review.

Navigate to the Projects tab on the left menu. To the right, click on the plus icon and then the folder icon to create a new project.

Enter the name of your project. You can edit the name later, so don’t worry if you’re unsure what to name your project at this stage. Click Create project.

In the Home tab of the project, an activity feed will display all changes made to the project. You can treat this as an audit trail.

To the right sidebar, you will have the ability to add a thumbnail to the project. Upload an image that best represents the project by simply dropping an image file at the top or browsing to it. A thumbnail helps your team to quickly identify the project. You can also edit the name of the project and change the project color for easier recognition.

Adding media to project library

Navigate to the Library tab of the project. To add your media to the project library, simply drag and drop the files, or click to browse to them on your computer. You can also organize media into folders.

Creating a review session and adding media

Navigate to the Reviews tab of the project. To create a new review session, click the plus icon to the right and then the review session icon.

Enter a name for the review session.

A review session created this way will be empty so let’s go ahead and add some media to it. This can be done by simply dropping files on the review session, browsing to the files, or adding them from the project library.

To add media to the review session from the project library, navigate to the Library tab. You can add media one by one by selecting Add to review on each asset, or by selecting all assets you want to add and then click Add to review in the top.

Adding collaborators and sharing a review

Navigate to a review session and click the Details tab on the sidebar to the right. You can add a collaborator by searching among previously invited collaborators, or by simply entering the email address of a new collaborator.

To share a review with your collaborators, click Send invitation emails.

Each collaborator will receive an email containing a unique link to the review session. This identifies each collaborator when adding feedback.

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