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The iconik integration in cineSync 5 is available without needing a cineSync account. Synchronized multi-user sessions will still require a cineSync Pro account, but you can use the free cineSync 5 player to play files from iconik on your local machine.

iconik integration for cineSync 5 lets you quickly set up cineSync reviews using any of the versions (media) you track in the iconik. And once the review is complete, you can quickly and easily export all your notes and annotations back into iconik.

To get started, go to the ‘Integrations’ menu, select ‘iconik’, and choose ‘Browse.’

On the login page, fill in your iconik Username and Password and click ‘Login’.

Once on the iconik page, you'll see all the media Collections that you can choose from.


  • After the Login, you will remain logged in, and the system will remember your login credentials.

  • To log out, simply go to the ‘Integrations’ menu, select ‘iconik’, and choose ‘Logout.’

Iconik menu layout

The iconik menu is divided into 3 main sections:

A. Top-bar

  • On the left, you see the title of the collection that you have currently selected.

  • On the right, you have the Search bar and the button to access the 'iconik Preferences' menu.

    • Search - The search can be used to find a particular collection or media asset rather than scrolling through them all. Simply navigate to the ‘Search’ box, and search by name.

B. Collections - In this section, you will see an overview of your iconik Collections & Sub-collections.

To open a collection, simply double-click on it.

If the Collection has sub-collection(s), it/they will be displayed under and can be later closed using the small arrow icon on the left.

C. Assets - In this section, you will see all the available media files in your selected Collection.

Adding media to a Review

You can add your media to a review by entire collections or one by one, selecting individual files.

A. To add a whole collection, select the collection you wish to add and click the 'Add this collection, button.

B. To add a single file, navigate to the file you wish to add and click the 'Add to Review' button.


  • Any added media will be included directly in the Review session, and you will be notified with a message at the bottom of the iconik menu:

Image: Example of the notification message

  • If the files already exist in your playlist, you will get notified with a warning message:

Image: Example of the warning message

Server Settings

The iconik Preferences menu gives you various options to customize your integration settings.

There are 3 ways to access the Preferences menu:

1. From the ‘Integration’ menu, select ‘iconik’ > ‘Preferences':

2. From the iconik login menu:

3. From the iconik menu top-bar:

iconik Preferences menu

  • Username

  • Password

  • Base URL

  • Enable Logging - Use the checkbox to enable/disable logging

  • FileType - By default, the FileType is set to 'Original File', but using the drop-down menu, you can set it to ‘Web Proxy’.

  • Items Per Page - You can set the number of entities per page that cineSync will return, allowing for quicker navigation.

  • Search Scope - You can set your search scope to ‘All of iconik’ or ‘Current Collection’.

  • Auto Delete Downloaded Files - Use the checkbox to enable/disable auto deletion of downloaded files.

  • Encrypt Downloaded Files - Use the checkbox to enable/disable download files encryption.

  • Watermark Encrypted Files - Use the checkbox to enable/disable encrypted files watermarking.

  • Watermark Message - In addition, after enabling the watermarking, you can also add customizable ‘Watermark Message’ text that will be added in the center of the image.

Please note:

Adding Notes

From the ‘Integrations’ - ‘iconik’ menu, you can also add new notes.

Choosing ‘Add Notes’ will open a new window where you can choose if you want to add notes for a Movie or a Frame.

From the same window, you can also set the note Font-Size and Note-Height.

Tip: All the annotations and notes in the iconik Integration are saved per frame.


To be able to ‘Publish’ back to iconik and to see the completed review, just choose 'Export' from the 'Integrations' > ‘iconik’ menu.

This provides you with a preview of all the notes that are going to be published back to your iconik.

Tip: From the same window, you can also disable notes or annotations from publishing using the little checkbox on the right.

Or simply update the note(s) before Publishing.

Once you are ready, click the 'Publish' button, and your updated media files will be exported back to your iconik site.

In iconik you will not have a separate repository with the notes, but you will see the clip with all the associated information and you can sort them by time or order.

Opening the media in cineSync from the iconik instance

1. Open your iconik instance.

2. Navigate to the media file you would like to review in cineSync.

3. Right-click and select 'Open in cineSync', opening a confirmation dialog.

4. Confirm clicking the 'Open cineSyncPlay,' and the selected media will appear in your cineSync playlist.

Tip: If you don't have cineSync already open, it will open cineSync for you, and if you do have it already open, it will add the file to the current session.

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