ftrack Connect provides tight integration with several industry-standard applications like cineSync, Nuke, Maya, Adobe, and others. Below you will find a list of currently supported add-ons that work in Connect.

Please note:

  • This documentation is specific to Connect 2.

  • We are currently in the middle of a technology transition. Therefore some integrations are not yet supported but will be soon.

A list of currently supported ftrack Studio Integrations, their supported Versions, and Integration locations:

* Those listed with [pipeline] in the name are working with the new Pipeline Framework.


Supported Versions

Integration Location

cineSync 5


Plugin Manager

nuke — Blog — NODAL - IT Solutions for Creative Professionals

Nuke [pipeline]


Plugin Manager

nuke — Blog — NODAL - IT Solutions for Creative Professionals

Nuke Studio


Plugin Manager

Hiero | ボーンデジタル CGiN



Plugin Manager

Image result for maya new official logo

Maya [pipeline]


Plugin Manager

تويتر \ RV: Shotgun/Autodesk (shotgunRV@)



Plugin Manager

Logo de Cinema 4D: la historia y el significado del logotipo, la marca y el  símbolo. | png, vector

Cinema 4D


Plugin Manager

File:Creative Cloud.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Adobe Creative Cloud

CC 2015-22.

Photoshop and Illustrator are ready to go.

Premiere and After Effects integrations are not yet considered production-ready.

Adobe website

AWS Thinkbox Deadline | Render Farm Manager | AWS Thinkbox



Autodesk 3ds Max logo vector

3ds Max [pipeline]


Available on BETA configuration

Houdini (software) - Wikipedia

Houdini [pipeline]


Full release in Plugin Manager

Tip: You can access most of these ftrack Studio integrations listed above via the Plugin Manager in ftrack Connect. (Download ftrack Connect to access and launch all plugins.)

  • Learn how to install and update plugins used by ftrack Connect to integrate with third-party applications here.

A List of ftrack Studio Integrations that are coming soon:


Unreal Engine @ #UnrealFest (@UnrealEngine) / Twitter

Unreal Engine

Early Alpha is coming in the spring of 2023

Hiero Logo | Real Company | Alphabet, Letter H Logo

Hiero Player

Updated integration coming soon

Tip: You can also check our public roadmap to follow the integrations we are working on.

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