Introduction to experimental features

Overview of the latest ftrack features still in development but can be enabled on your site to try now.

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In the following articles, you will learn about the Experimental features of ftrack Studio.

These features are still in development and not ready for full release but can be enabled on your site to try now. While a feature is included as β€œexperimental”, we welcome your participation and any feedback you may have so we can consider ways to improve them.

Please note: Some of these features may contain bugs and change or disappear without notice, so please plan accordingly. We don’t recommend complete reliance on an experimental feature until it has been fully tested and released. They are best for test projects and workflow experimentation (unless otherwise communicated to the customer).

Send us your feedback:

Suggestions for feedback that can be helpful to our team:

I have feedback to share!

  • Subject the request: Experimental feature feedback

  • Description: Let us know which feature you are using.

  • Description: Detail how you are using the feature in your workflow and what points would possibly improve its usage for you.

I found a bug!

  • Subject the request: Experimental feature bug

  • Description: Let us know which feature you are using.

  • Attachments: Include details/screenshots/video on how to reproduce the bug if possible.

List of the experimental features

  • Notes board – Notes board gives users a straightforward, customizable overview of notes with their context.

  • New Client review player – The New Client review player has a better user experience, improved annotation management, and several new features previously only accessible to standalone Review users.

  • Lightbox player (New web player)– The Lightbox player (New web player) is more manageable to use and offers expanded support for previewing videos, images, and PDFs inside ftrack Studio.

Activating experimental features

You can activate any of these features from the System Settings > Advanced > Experimental page, enabling the checkbox of the feature you would like to test.

Let's look at these features in more detail.

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