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Please note: The following documentation gathers the collective wisdom of the new generation for cineSync: cineSync 5.

  • Instructions on signing up for a cineSync 5 account can be found here.

  • cineSync 5 application can be downloaded here.

If you are looking for the cineSync 4.2.8 User Manual, it can be found here.

cineSync 5

cineSync 5 is the fifth generation and completely redesigned version of cineSync, with all of the features you already know and love, plus a host of new updates.

Current users of cineSync will notice many changes to the UI and layout but will recognize all the familiar aspects of the cineSync user experience and seamless, secure review workflow.

Tip: For the initial release, cineSync 5 is available as a free extension to existing paid cineSync Pro subscriptions.

  • If you have an existing cineSync Pro account, you can use and explore cineSync 5 account for free while also retaining cineSync 4 for current projects.

If you’re signing up for a cineSync trial, you’ll receive a cineSync Pro trial while also receiving the option of testing out cineSync 5 account.

If you choose to convert from the trial to a paid Pro account, you’ll retain access to both cineSync 4 Pro and cineSync 5 accounts.

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