Joining a Sync Review Session
Written by Louis Roberge
Updated over a week ago

Logging into the Sync Review session using a Session Key

Open the Review menu and choose ‘Start Sync Review’ Double-click the cineSync icon in your Applications folder. cineSync will launch and ask you to log in.

Your session host will need to provide you with the Session Key for the session.

Select 'Join Review Session' and enter the Session Key, then press Continue.

cineSync will now join the session, populate the Playlist and download any metadata (drawings, annotations, markers, etc.) When it is done, you will be 'in sync' with everyone else in the session.

To do this, cineSync will attempt to locate the files in the Playlist automatically and search your local drives and any connected network drives. If cineSync is unable to locate the file or files, you will see the following where the media should normally be displayed.

'This movie is unlocated, click here to locate.'

Once clicking, it opens the explorer window, enabling you to select the file from the file system.

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