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Setting Up a Sync Review & Generating a Session Key
Setting Up a Sync Review & Generating a Session Key
Written by Louis Roberge
Updated over a week ago

Creating a Sync Review session

Select 'Create Review' and enter your email/username and password in the required fields and then select continue.

Tip: The ‘Save username and password’ checkbox enables you to save your login information.

cineSync will now connect to the cineSync server and generate a unique Session Key for you to send to your guests.

Take note of the Session Key, as you will need to provide this key to anyone you wish to join in your Synced Review session.

You can find your Session key in the lower-right corner of the player interface.

Once media is added to the session, select the Session Key displayed at the bottom, this will copy the key into the clipboard, which can then be pasted into other documents.

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