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The drawing and annotation tools can be found in the toolbar at the lower right of the player's interface.

cineSync 5 has five drawing tools - Brush, Arrow, Circle, Square, and Text Box.

Also included in the drop-down are the Zoom tool, Eraser, and Colour Picker.

The Brush drawing tool is selected by default and already set once you open the session.

Simply click and drag with your mouse anywhere on the movie frame to use it. As you create drawings, they will be visible to all other participants in the review.

The annotation tools section also includes selectors for line thickness and color.

“Eyedropper” Colour Picker

The Colour Picker comes with an “eyedropper” tool and it enables you to customize your annotation color. You can choose your drawing color from the Colour Picker default colors or define it from any existing color on your screen.

To open the Colour Picker window:

  • Go to the 'Tools’ menu and choose ‘Colour Picker.’

  • Or click on the color icon, which is placed next to the drawing tools in the bottom task bar.

Once opened, you can set the annotation color from the Colour Picker rainbow colors or use the Color Picker “eyedropper” tool that enables you to choose the drawing color from the screen.

To choose the color from the Colour Picker rainbow window, move the mouse over the color you want or choose it from the default basic color selection.

Tip: In the lower section, you will see the exact color value of the selected color.


There are 3 ways to activate the “eyedropper.”

1. Clicking on the “eyedropper’ icon in the Colour Picker window.

2. Enabling the ’Colour Picker’ from the drawing tools dropdown.

3. Or by choosing ‘Colour Picker' from the ‘Tools’ menu.

Once the feature is activated the “eyedropper" icon turns blue.

You can then move the mouse around and see in the upper-left corner the exact value of the color that is currently about to be activated.

After the annotation color has been selected, your annotation tool will switch back to your default drawing tool automatically.

Colour Meter

To know the exact color value, you can also use the digital Colour Meter tool, which enables you to find the color value of any available color on your screen.

You can load the ‘Colour Meter’ by selecting it from the ‘Tools’ menu.

Colour Meter window:

1. Shows the color visible in the aperture. To find the value of a color, move the mouse pointer over the spot on the screen you want to see.

2. Dropdown menu, enabling you to choose how you want to see the display values.

You can display the values as Decimal, Hex, or Percentage.

3. The actual color value.

4. Slide button, enabling you to customize the viewport size.


  • Enabling the ‘Always on top’ checkbox keeps the Colour Meter window open and visible at all times.

  • Your drawing color is also displayed in the Buddy List for everyone else to see. (The 'Show Buddy List' can be found and enabled in the 'Review' menu.)

Annotations Size

Brush line thickness, Arrow size, and Eraser size can be defined from the Line thickness button (next to the drawing tools button), using the Line Thickness menu in the 'Tools' menu, or you can increase the thickness one step at a time by pressing the ']' key or decrease the thickness by pressing the '[' key.

From the same menu, you can also select 'Small,' 'Medium,' or 'Large' for the text box text.


The on-screen text tool is a useful addition that enables you to add text notes as annotations. It can also be easily moved around by dragging the text box or deleted by clicking on the cross icon.

Tip: If you need to ‘Undo’ or ‘Redo’ your annotation or drawing steps, you can use the ‘Edit’ menu or the keyboard shortcuts.

Please note: Currently, it is not possible to use any annotation tools while using the Compare mode.

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