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Release notes 4.9 studio

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January 28th, 2022 (4.9.1)

  • FIXED [Player] Improved player error handling on non existent reviews, lists and selections.

  • FIXED [Player] Download button in player toolbar is visible when turned off in Review Settings.

  • FIXED [Client review] Added input required validation on client review guest name entry.

  • FIXED [Feedback] Feedback from previous versions not shown when all versions checked if they are not present in playlist.

  • FIXED [Importer] Fix issue where object type could be changed during import.

  • CHANGE [Player] Add support for playing lists of objects.

  • CHANGE [Player] [Feedback] Make all versions selection stateful between page reloads.

  • CHANGE [Google login] Google login will always show prompt to select account.

January 10th, 2022 (4.9.0)

  • NEW [Overview] [Filtering] Filter object and asset version cross-project views and note boards on related objects in the project hierarchy and their attributes.

  • NEW [Overview] [Filtering] Add filter support for lists, reviews and links to cross-project views.

  • NEW [Custom attribute links] [Spreadsheet] Allow grouping on Custom Attribute Links.

  • NEW [API] Expose the attribute `ancestors` on the entity `Asset`.

  • NEW [Player] Added filter to vertical playlist.

  • NEW [Player] Added approvals and interactions tab to player.

  • NEW [Client review] Share client review from within the player.

  • NEW [Client review] Manage client review settings from within the player.

  • NEW [Client review] Display playlist grouped on asset, parent (e.g. shot) or as a flat list.

  • NEW [Client review] Manage client review playlist from within the player.

  • NEW [Client review] Client reviews are now using the internal player for ftrack users and the collaborator player for collaborators. ftrack users get access to more feature in the review such as version info and admin features.

  • NEW [Export] New option "exclude tasks" available for exports.

  • NEW [Client review] Option to set client review availability to always open or closed for external guests.

  • FIXED [Player] Multiple bug fixes in the web player.

    • Collaborators cannot see attachments in a review.

    • Splash video loading race condition.

    • Entity picker should not allow deselecting disabled items.

    • Sync disconnects when tabs are backgrounded.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] When filtering projects or users in overview timeline, empty state is not shown when no matches.

  • FIXED [SAML] Login via SAML/SSO does not work from ftrack connect and cineSync Play if not already logged in.

  • FIXED [Client review] Notes written by collaborators appear as written by Unknown.

  • FIXED [Client review] Client review links are not working if user is an internal ftrack user but deactivated.

  • FIXED [Client review] Notes that have been transfered using transfer feedback appear as if they were written by the user who did the transfer.

  • FIXED [Client review] Related notes are not always appearing as expected when using the all versions filter.

  • FIXED [Manage users] Unable to delete a user if a dashboard is shared with the user.

  • CHANGE [Task spreadsheet] Project navigation (outliner) will no longer show progress on very large projects.

  • CHANGE [OnPrem] Audit logs are now enabled by default.

  • CHANGE [Settings] Display api key `id` on access key settings page.

  • CHANGE [Audit logs] Include api key information in audit logs.

  • CHANGE [Player] Removed statuses from the Avatars in a Review.

  • CHANGE [API] A new Collaborator entity has been introduced and there are changes to ReviewSessionObjectStatus and ReviewSessionInvitee objects where a new resource_id attribute has been added. The new changes are expected to be backwards compatible to a best effort. Tools using the ftrack API to create ReviewsSession objects should be updated to set resource_id on ReviewSessionObjectStatus and ReviewSessionInvitee.

  • CHANGE [Client review] The legacy client review interface that could be enabled via system settings has been removed.

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