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5.4 – Compare different versions of an asset
5.4 – Compare different versions of an asset
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Before a task is completed, there could often be many versions of the same asset that needs to be reviewed. To help with seeing the difference between two versions, they can be viewed side-by-side with any playback affecting both versions of media at the same time. By viewing two versions side-by-side, we can maximise clarity on what’s changed and aid in making the correct decision between the two versions.

Scenario: We have had a few iterations of a shot, we want to see if the latest version has solved the fix that was needed. We will add versions to a review and compare them side-by-side to see the difference.

ACTIVITY: Let’s compare two versions

  1. Set up a review with an asset that has at least two versions published (for example Animation v3 and Animation v2) and open the Review

  2. Next to the version name in the upper left, there will be a selector showing the version number. Open that selector and choose Compare versions.

  3. There are two available compare modes: Overlay and Side by Side.

  4. Select either Overlay or Side by Side to see the difference between the two versions.

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