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5.3 – Review media with stakeholders in real-time
5.3 – Review media with stakeholders in real-time
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Sharing a Review with stakeholders is an incredibly important part of any project. When inviting external stakeholders to review media, it’s essential for the process to be simple and intuitive. Stakeholders can be invited to a Review by adding their email address if it’s known, or a link to the Review can be shared allowing for multiple people to join the Review. For added security, a passphrase may be added to the review to ensure only those who know the passphrase may view it.

When inviting stakeholders to a Review, ultimate clarity can be achieved with Sync, allowing everyone in the review to see exactly the same frame at the same time. By having all stakeholders on a live Review, all of their feedback can be collected at the same time, making for a quicker feedback process compared to waiting for each person to provide feedback in their own time.

With a Sync Review, we can be sure everyone is following along and is on the same page. This might dramatically minimise misunderstanding and drastically cut down the time it takes to receive feedback from all stakeholders.

Scenario: We are nearing the end of the project and would like to invite all stakeholders to review the work so far. To have an efficient and clear-cut review session, we will enable Sync so all stakeholders can view the shots at the same time and provide their feedback in real-time.

ACTIVITY: Let’s attend a review with Sync

  1. Select the prepared client review that you will find under 'Client Reviews' in the menu on the left side.

  2. Invite a colleague to the review by sharing a link

  3. Click Open session in the top right of the screen to start the review

  4. Upon the colleague entering the review, click on 'Start Sync' and make sure that your colleague clicks 'Join Sync'

  5. Every frame you see will be the exact frame your colleague sees too.

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