3.5 – Feedback loops related to tasks
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Feedback loops related to a Task are vital for communication to push projects forward. By adding notes directly into ftrack, either in the web browser or creative application, time spent on jumping between applications is reduced and all information is in context.

It’s important to be able to quickly find the information you need when you need it. For this we have the Sidebar. Almost all links you click on in ftrack slides in the sidebar from the right. All details on a specific object like a Task, Group (Sequence or Episode) or a Project itself are presented in the Sidebar.

When looking in list views, such as in the Tasks page, notes are displayed in the form of a speech bubble icon to show it has notes associated with it.

Scenario: We want to follow up on one Task to see why it has not yet been completed. By viewing associated notes we can investigate what’s holding up the Task.


  1. Navigate to the Tasks page and change view to Latest versions

  2. Click on a Version to open the Sidebar.

  3. Click on Notes to show all feedback given on the Version:

    1. An artist can view feedback on a Version related to an assigned Task

    2. A coordinator can view feedback on a Version related to a Task

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