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3.4 – Insights and reports to aid decision making
3.4 – Insights and reports to aid decision making
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Every activity with ftrack Studio creates a data point that accumulates, from publishing assets to adding notes Using reports in ftrack allow for data-driven decision making. As all information flows through ftrack, creating the appropriate views makes preparing reports easy as all data lives in ftrack, so you’ll always be confident in a single source of truth – handy when sharing reports with other stakeholders.

Attributes in ftrack are a piece of information which determines the properties of the field, they can be used to track data on objects and can be used to filter, sort and group data.

Attributes can be associated with lists, users, asset versions or any other object.

Scenario: We’d like to use the insights in ftrack to aid with decision making by viewing reports. The management team would also like to be kept in the loop on the progress of the project but don’t have access to ftrack. Exporting a PDF or Excel report can easily summarise the status of the project.

ACTIVITY: Let’s setup a view to show worked hours vs bid and export to share with stakeholders

  1. Navigate to the Tasks page

  2. Switch view to Default

  3. Add an attribute to the page to see some important information on your task (e.g. latest versions or worked vs bid). Use the cog wheel (insert symbol) and Attributes > Tasks to find your attributes.

  4. Click on Export and select the export type of choice (PDF, Excel, CSV)

  5. Enter a name for the file to export in the dialog that pops up

  6. Click on Jobs (insert symbol) to see the progress of your export and download it from there when it is finished.

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