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3.3 – Viewing the status of deliverables
3.3 – Viewing the status of deliverables
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Being able to easily see the status of Tasks or Assets allows managers to have a quick check-in to see if the project deliverables are in motion or if there are any early warning signs of the potential of missed deadlines. Creatives working on the tasks can also use statuses to manage their work day by clearly seeing which Tasks need their attention.

Filters can be used in many areas of ftrack to narrow down the view of the data displayed. There are different ways to filter depending on the view and data available.Scenario: During the project, we want to quickly check in on the list of tasks assigned to the teams to see if any task are potentially behind schedule.

ACTIVITY 1: Let’s check-in on the status of tasks

  1. Navigate to the Tasks page

  2. Remove any Group by Setting, by selecting None.

  3. Using the Filter panel (add symbol), select a task type (e.g Rendering)

  4. Progress bars and header summaries show task completion for your task type

ACTIVITY 2: Let’s use another method check-in on the status of tasks

  1. Navigate to the Tasks page

  2. Make sure that all filters and Group by settings are removed

  3. Switch view to show "Task columns". Here you can see in a condensed view the tasks statuses.

  4. Switch view to "Production" to show Bid versus Worked hours. Here you can see how the project is running, for example if more time is being spent than originally planned.

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