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3.2 – Viewing the workload of a team and distributing tasks
3.2 – Viewing the workload of a team and distributing tasks
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All teams are never the same and all people are never the same. As such, it’s advisable to distribute work to the most suitable team members, playing to every individual’s strengths, building their work schedules to ensure there is a stable amount of work that is evenly distributed. Tasks can be assigned to users directly from the Tasks page or from the Task sidebar.

Scenario: To avoid overloading a team member with work and increase the team’s work/life balance, we will distribute the workload of the team and assign unassigned tasks to those who have a lighter workload.

ACTIVITY: Let’s assign a task

  1. Navigate to the Tasks page of the Project.

  2. Open the select menu for ‘Group by’ in the toolbar and select ‘Task → Assignee’ to show Tasks that have been associated with a person

  3. In the group ‘Others’, you will see all tasks that are not yet assigned to anyone

  4. Assign one of those tasks by double-clicking in the Assignee column

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