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2.4 – Schedule for groups of resources
2.4 – Schedule for groups of resources
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Assigning resources to Projects and Calendar Events allow for greater clarity and visibility of who is working on what and when. By booking team members to a Project, it provides the planning team with confidence that there are sufficient resources available to complete the project.

It also provides an opportunity to book the desired person for the Project, ensuring that you have the right people for the task at hand. By assigning resources ahead of time, we can increase the efficiency of the project giving it a higher chance for a successful delivery.

Groups in ftrack are a collection of users. Users in the same group typically have something in common, for example: have the same skillset, work in the same department, location or discipline.

Having an overview of the schedule of a Group can help increase the ability to optimize work within that Group, and also increase the likelihood of finding a suitable resource to assign work to.

ACTIVITY: Let’s move a calendar event for a Group of users

  1. Navigate to Overview

  2. In the left pane, select the Dashboard titled “Rendering team”

  3. In the top section you will see the project plan and in the bottom you will find the user of the rendering team. In the timeline next to the users you will see the events they are associated with. Drag and drop an event from one user to another.

  4. The second user will now be associated with the event that was moved.

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