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Getting started with a trial of ftrack Studio
1.1 – Introduction to the ftrack Studio trial
1.1 – Introduction to the ftrack Studio trial
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Welcome to your first day with ftrack Studio. We’re happy to see you make the first step towards working in a better way with the Academy Award-winning platform for production tracking and media review, for creative teams to manage a variety of projects, at scale. If you haven't yet signed up to a free trial, you can sign up here.

Taking on a new platform to manage creative projects is a big decision and we want to make that decision easier for you by guiding you through how ftrack Studio works and how it will make your projects easier to manage and give you the clarity and control you need to deliver projects on time, every time.

To make the most out of your initial experience with ftrack Studio, we’ll guide you through the platform, showing you how ftrack Studio can be used in a live production environment and how it can fit into your everyday workflow to give you control and clarity on your creative projects.

We want to be clear that this guide’s purpose is not to show you how to implement ftrack Studio in your workplace, but to experience how you can see it work for the way you need it to work. For help with setup and onboarding, we have another guide that goes into more detail once a decision has been made to take on ftrack Studio as part of your daily workflow.

For this guide during your trial period with ftrack Studio, we’ll be covering four main areas:

We highly recommend exploring the following guides on each topic. Following the guided activities will give you a taste of how ftrack Studio can work for you and how to get the most out of your trial period.

Ready for it all “to click”? Let’s begin!

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