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26 May 2020

  • FIXED [Tasks spreadsheet] Spreadsheet may fail to display if changing views while loading data.

  • FIXED [Tasks spreadsheet] Spreadsheet may fail to display if grouping by type if the view does not contain any assignees.


11 May 2020

  • FIXED [Links] [Sidebar] Links that should not be listed may sometime show up in the Links tab on an asset version.

  • FIXED [Sidebar] Can not add the same thumbnail on multiple entities.

  • FIXED [Client review] Client reviews can not be deleted under certain circumstances.

  • FIXED [Events] Entity parents in event payload does not contain the entity_type attribute.


27 March 2020

  • NEW [Client review] Client reviews can now be protected by requiring collaborators to enter a passphrase.


18 March 2020

  • CHANGED [Client review] Updated design of time format menu to match playback menu.

  • CHANGED [Localization] Updated localization for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

  • FIXED [Client review] [Mobile] The player timeline is hidden in the mobile layout.

  • FIXED [Client review] [Mobile] Can not load review in mobile layout if allow download is on.

  • FIXED [Client review] The thumbnail image is not shown while videos are loading in the player.

  • FIXED [Versions Spreadsheet] Using the Latest version filter can be slow if there are many versions.

  • FIXED [What's new] Some text in What's new is not legible in the light theme.

  • FIXED [Overview] Can not load Overview if a dashboard has been shared by a deleted user.


6 March 2020

  • NEW [Notes board] Notes boards can now be created in Overview if enabled as an experimental feature in system settings.

  • NEW [System settings] Added ability to turn experimental features on or off under Advanced section in System Settings.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] Some timeline tooltips do not appear correctly.

  • FIXED [Client review] Clicking on the playlist or comment frame tags may jump to the wrong frame if the video sequence contains a variable frame rate.

  • FIXED [Client review] No tooltips for player toolbar icons.

  • FIXED [What's new] What's new content may be cut off if it is longer than the dialog size.


28 February 2020

  • NEW [Client review] New laser annotation tool. Useful for highlighting parts of the image without saving the annotation.

  • NEW [Client review] Play back specific videos in sequence by selecting "Play selection" playback mode.

  • NEW [Client review] See other collaborators and their approval status within the review.

  • NEW [Client review] Play back multiple videos in sequence by selecting "Play all" playback mode.

  • NEW [Client review] Toggle loop on/off from the playback menu.

  • NEW [Overview, Cross project views] Added support for latest versions on Tasks and other Objects.

  • NEW [Overview, Cross project views] Added support for new attributes logged time and comparing logged time to bid.

  • NEW [Tasks spreadsheet] Added new attribute to display latest version in the Tasks Spreadsheet.
    The attribute will display a list of the latest versions of an asset that is related to a Task or Object.

  • NEW [Tasks spreadsheet] Allow grouping on more attributes including task custom attributes.

  • NEW [Tasks spreadsheet] Allow collapse of a task column group to only show the first column ot he group.

  • NEW [Localization] [Web interface] Support for Russian localization in the web interface.

  • NEW [Tasks spreadsheet] Multiple tasks of the same type are now shown in task type columns.

  • NEW [Tasks spreadsheet] Task descriptions, latest versions and text type custom attributes caw wrap to multiple lines.

  • NEW [API] Add support for time_logged and bid_time_logged_difference to API schema for Task.

  • NEW [Tasks spreadsheet] Added support for summary of custom attributes for other object type than tasks in the column headers.

  • CHANGED [Client review] Improve performance when posting feedback in a Review.

  • CHANGED [Client review] The default annotation color has changed to be unique for each collaborator.

  • CHANGED [Client review] Annotation drafts are now shown as timeline markers.

  • CHANGED [Client review] Annotations are no longer cleared automatically, but can be do so explicitly with a new button in the toolbar.

  • CHANGED [Client review] Added media type icon to each items in playlist in the review player, as well as a new icon if item has multiple versions.

  • CHANGED [Overview] [Timeline] Added a line to the scheduler to highlight the current day.

  • CHANGED [Overview, Cross-project views] Add attributes for time worked and bid minus time worked to cross-project views.

  • CHANGED [Tasks spreadsheet] User is now asked for confirmation when moving objects using drag/drop in the tasks spreadsheet.

  • CHANGED [Client review] [Email] Client review invite email contains both name and description of the shared version (both were previously accessible in the collaborator interface).
    The email does no longer contain the date of the upload.

  • CHANGED [Client review] The place of name and description on a review session object has changed places.
    The name is now set to the task name, if the version has a task, or the asset name. The description is set to asset parent object name or empty if asset parent is a project.

Also see migration notes for more information.

  • CHANGED [Tasks Spreadsheet] The sort order is saved into the view.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] Duration units in the timeline tooltip can be confusing and are not localized.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] Double clicking on a leave event puts the edit event dialog in an infinite loading state.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] Headers are missing for leave events.

  • FIXED [Overview] A dashboard that is created while viewing another one can inherit that dashboards settings and filters.

  • FIXED [Client review] Versions are not correctly sorted when there are 10 or more versions of the review session object.

  • FIXED [Client review] The status toggle buttons does not have any tooltips.

  • FIXED [Client review] Status labels does not appear together with the comment when you change an existing status and post a new comment.

  • FIXED [Client review] When navigating between different media within a review, the first media in the list sometimes flashes momentarily before the correct media is shown.

  • FIXED [Client review] Review does not load correctly in IE 11 and Safari 9.

  • FIXED [API] Computed attributes, such as thumbnail_url, are not marked as immutable.

  • FIXED [Web player] [Localization] Web player is not localized to the user's language.

  • FIXED [Client review] No version number visible when uploading media directly to a client review.

  • FIXED [Tasks Spreadsheet] Some group headings are badly aligned.

  • FIXED [Tasks Spreadsheet] Text in task type columns may be hard to read when row background color changes.

  • FIXED [Schedule] When using a large row height, items the Gantt schedule are very big.

  • FIXED [API] Not able to delete NoteLabelLink via API.

  • FIXED [Export] [Tasks Spreadsheet] Start and due dates are sometimes offset by a day when exported.

  • FIXED [Notifications] Settings for task and version status updates are not respected.

  • FIXED [Notes] Notes created at the same second are loaded in the wrong order.

  • FIXED [LDAP] Unicode passwords are not supported for LDAP users.

  • FIXED [Custom attributes] [Expression] Not always possible to use project custom attributes in expression attributes.

  • FIXED [Custom attributes] [Web interface] Tasks sometimes have hierarchical values set erroneously when created in the web interface.

  • FIXED [Tasks spreadsheet] Adjust to bid is not applied to all select rows.

  • FIXED [Links] [Sidebar] Links that should not be listed may sometime show up in the Links tab on an object.

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