Release notes - Studio 4.5
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8 June 2020

  • CHANGED [Overview] [Cross-project views] Dynamic enumerator custom attributes can now be added in cross-project views.

  • CHANGED [Localization] What's new 4.5 available for for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

  • FIXED [Client review] Status is reset to seen if previously changed when loading a review.

  • FIXED [Player] Can not play media when sync connection is not established.


4 June 2020

  • CHANGED [Localization] Updated localization for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

  • FIXED [Tasks spreadsheet] The attributes outgoing and incoming links does not render correctly if there are multiple values.

  • FIXED [What's new] What's new has a transparent background in Safari.

  • FIXED [Client review] Start sync button is shown before establishing connection to sync server.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Cross project views] Tooltip for published at shows the wrong date in cross-project views.


1 June 2020

  • NEW [Client review] Reviews with sync - Review media in sync with collaborators.
    When in sync, all participants look at the same media and frame. Feedback and changes appear in real-time and and annotations are automatically saved as drafts.

  • NEW [Review Pro] Now possible to buy Review Pro for more sync participants, increased storage and 4k video support.

  • NEW [Actions] Added support to set the width and height of an Action window. This is done by passing `width` and `height` in the action response.

  • NEW [API] Added ability to create workflow schemas using the API.

  • NEW [Client review] Redesigned player full screen mode with the ability to control playback.

  • NEW [Encoding] [Cloud] [Images] Still images can now be reviewed in 8k resolution.

  • NEW [Encoding] [Cloud] [Videos] Uploaded videos and now also encoded into 1080p resolution.

  • NEW [Player] [Experimental] A new player can now be enabled as an experimental feature from System Settings. The Player will appear together with the existing "Web Player" in menus. The new player have many of the improvements that are available in the client review player.

  • NEW [Product] It is now easier to switch from ftrack Review to ftrack Studio and keep working the the same projects.

  • NEW [Schedule] [Timeline] Added ability to display week numbers in timeline views.

  • NEW [System settings] [Workflow] Added ability to clone an existing workflow schema.

  • NEW [Tasks Spreadsheet] Added new attribute to display links in the Tasks Spreadsheet. The attribute will display a list of the outgoing and incoming links that are related to a Task or Object.

  • NEW [Versions Spreadsheet] Added ability to edit task and parent attributes.

  • NEW [Versions Spreadsheet] Added ability to view and filter on more task attributes.

  • NEW [Web player] Preferred video resolution can now be selected when viewing videos in the internal review player.

  • CHANGED [Client review] Annotation tools are no longer reset when changing media.

  • CHANGED [Client review] Display warning if there are more than 200 comments on one media.

  • CHANGED [Client review] The feedback box is now centered on large resolutions.

  • CHANGED [Client review] Videos do no longer auto-play when changing media.

  • CHANGED [Encoding] [Cloud] [Images] Images with transparency are now stored as png instead of jpg.

  • CHANGED [Filters] [Overview] [Task page] [Versions page] Advanced query filters are now enabled by default and available in Tasks and versions page together with Overview dashboards.

  • FIXED [API] Queries filtering on Context name can sometimes be slow on larger datasets.

  • FIXED [Client review] Notes on client reviews can be slow to load if there are many notes on one single item.

  • FIXED [Client review] Volume icon doesn't always reflect the correct state.

  • FIXED [Custom attributes] [API] Querying custom attributes using the API can be slower than in previous ftrack versions.

  • FIXED [Search] Search results are sometimes slow with large data sets.

  • FIXED [Tasks spreadsheet] Enumerator custom attributes does not show a tooltip if they are long and get truncated.

  • FIXED [Tour] Whats new appears in internal web player.

  • FIXED [Versions Spreadsheet] Order of grouped columns is not respected when saving the view.

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