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Release and migration notes
Release notes – Studio 4.3 and older
Release notes – Studio 4.3 and older
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24 January 2020

  • FIXED [Project access] Project access page will sometimes become empty after making changes.


22 January 2020

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] Large number of tasks in timeline view can sometimes be slow to load.

  • FIXED [Internal review] Not possible to select recipients when posting feedback in internal reviews.

  • FIXED [Google Chrome] [Custom widgets] [Local installation] Google Chrome version 80 is making changes to how cookies are handled which affects how custom widgets authenticate in ftrack. ftrack has been updated to ensure ftrack cookies respect this change and custom widgets continue to work as before in Google Chrome. However, custom ftrack widgets in Google Chrome 80 and later require use of https on the ftrack server. If you are not using https already for your on prem installation, it is highly recommended to start using it even if you are
    not affected by this change.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] Switching between dashboards before the timeline view finishes loading may cause the loading overlay to never be removed.

  • FIXED [Storage usage] [Cloud] [System settings] Storage usage page is not available for all accounts.

  • FIXED [Web interface] Update design of new ftrack version available notification.

  • FIXED [PDF Export] [Japanese] Japanese characters are not visible in exported PDF files when using ftrack in Japanese.

  • FIXED [Project access] Project access page under team is sometimes slow to load.


2 December 2019

  • FIXED [Tasks spreadsheet] Assigning a user will sometimes fail with a server error.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] Timeline dashboards created in 4.2 have no event colors.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] Event assignee icons does not align in Safari.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Timeline] Changing type or moving tasks is not automatically reflected in UI.


27 November 2019

  • FIXED [API] Error when creating notes with category_id set to None or note id not set when setting category_id.


22 November 2019

  • FIXED [API] Read and write of hierarchical custom attributes is not always working correctly.

  • FIXED [General] ftrack service can end up in a bad state where user is unable to load data or change data. This issue is however relatively rare.


21 November 2019

  • FIXED [Gantt] Dependencies are not always loaded correctly.


18 November 2019

  • NEW [Web interface] [What's new] Add a "What's new" dialog when a user first opens Studio 4.3.

  • FIXED [Organise team] Long user names are cut off in the organise team page.

  • FIXED [Gantt] Loading many dependencies in the Gantt can sometimes be slow.

  • FIXED [Filters] [Tasks Spreadsheet] [Versions Spreadsheet] [Reports] Filters are not correctly applied when using auto complete and keyboard Enter when searching for the filter value.

  • FIXED [Tasks Spreadsheet] Manual sorting does not work for newly created objects.

  • FIXED [Tasks Spreadsheet] Not possible to copy and paste items into an object of the same type.


13 November 2019

  • NEW [Overview] [Timeline] The planning tools has been updated and with much improved visibility and easy of use. New features include:
    * Visually grouping projects and user timelines on type, project or users.
    * Color your timeline content based on project, type, status or priority.
    * Make the timeline more compact by hiding projects or users that does not have anything scheduled.

  • NEW [Overview] Add ability to share dashboards with team members, include a new search field to find dashboards more easy.

  • NEW [Client review] [Feedback] Add support for uploading attachments when adding feedback in a review.

  • NEW [Client review] [Player] Add support for changing brush size when annotating in the player.

  • NEW [Client review] [Player] Set loop in and out points using keyboard shortcuts.

  • NEW [Client review] [Player] View keyboard shortcuts from the player interface.

  • NEW [Client review] Stack multiple versions of the same asset in a review. A new context menu option also allows you to select which versions of an asset you want to include in a review.

  • NEW [Notes] Note categories are now referred to as note labels and a note can have multiple labels.

  • NEW [Web interface] [Jobs] Long descriptions are now shown as a tooltip when hovering over the description.

  • NEW [Web interface] [Jobs] Components attached to jobs created using the API can now be downloaded even if the job status is not set to done.

  • NEW [Web interface] [Localization] Support for Spanish and Japanese localization in the web interface.

  • NEW [Permissions] [Time tracking] New permissions for [API] Manage other users timelogs and Access other users timelogs has been added.By default all security roles will still have access to other users timelogs. This can be changed from system settings > security > roles.The permission to update, create or delete timelogs for other users will only be granted to security roles with the Manage users permission.

  • NEW [Security] Added support for using two factor authentication (2FA) when logging in to ftrack. Users can enable 2FA from "My account" and 2FA can also be made mandatory via a setting in system settings.

  • NEW [API] Attributes "is_otp_enabled" and "is_totp_enabled" are now available on users and can be used to see if they have 2FA enabled. OTP is short for one-time-password and means a user have generated backup codes and TOPT is short for time-based-one-time-password and means user have enabled 2FA using a device to generate codes.

  • CHANGED [Overview] Update UI of the dashboard sidebar in Overview.

  • CHANGED [Client review] [Player] Circle annotation tool shortcut changed from "C" to "U".

  • CHANGED [API] The NoteCategory schema has been changed to NoteLabel, but still exists for backwards compatibility. The Note schema has been updated with new relations to support multiple labels per note.

  • CHANGED [Custom attributes] Custom attributes permission for the assignee role type will now always behave as for the project role type. This means that a user with an assignee role and permission to read/write a custom attribute will be able to do so if they are assigned to a task on the project.

  • CHANGED [Notes] Improved performance when loading notes for larger datasets.

  • CHANGED [Web interface] Show the absolute date and time when hovering over relative times in the interface.

  • CHANGED [API] Component filetype length is no longer restricted to 10 characters.

  • CHANGED [API] Improved API performance when creating multiple objects with metadata.

  • FIXED [Custom attributes] Custom attributes on user created earlier than 2016 are not visible in Sidebar or Users page.

  • FIXED [Custom attributes] [Sidebar] Changing a custom attribute on user or list from the sidebar without permission will result in a server error instead of disabling the field.

  • FIXED [Client review] Sort order of item in a review session is automatically copied from previous version if it already exists.

  • FIXED [Tasks spreadsheet] Occasionally when saving changes in the Tasks Spreadsheet messages to the user is not presented correct.

  • FIXED [Web interface] [Scheduling] Wrong tooltip shown when hovering over "Match bid duration" option in gantt scheduling settings.

  • FIXED [System settings] The Language in System setting is confusing and is renamed to Default email language. The personal language setting can be found under My account.


20 November 2019

  • FIXED [Gantt] Loading many dependencies in the Gantt can sometimes be slow.


7 October 2019

  • FIXED [Team] Project access page is sometimes empty.


14 September 2019

  • FIXED [Team] Unable to give more than 4 users project access at the same time.

  • FIXED [Overview] Card views load more data even if scroll position has not reached the bottom of the view.

  • FIXED [API] Certain combinations of permissions and query expressions can result in an API request timeout.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Event server] Automatic updates are not working within overview.


5 August 2019

  • FIXED [Web interface] [Insights] Not possible to save insight widget settings.

  • FIXED [Filters] [Custom attributes] Not possible to filter on custom attribute enumerator when multiple values are selected.

  • FIXED [Web interface] [Thumbnail] My tasks displays blank thumbnails instead of default one if the task does not have a thumbnail set.


5 July 2019

  • FIXED [Activity feed] Activity feed is sometimes slow to load for big projects.

  • FIXED [API] A user with insufficient permissions is able to delete CalendarEventResource.


25 June 2019

  • FIXED [Web interface] Error when uploading files in the web UI. This issue can also be resolved by logging out and in again.

  • FIXED [API] Improved API query performance when including custom attributes in task queries.


19 June 2019

  • NEW [Client review] Added setting that can be used to decide if client review notes should be transferred as being written by the collaborator or by the user initiating the transfer.

  • NEW [Overview] Add managers as an available attribute in project views.

  • FIXED [Overview] Filtering on users is not working correctly in cross-project views.

  • FIXED [Legacy client review] Unable to add annotations and attachments in the legacy client review interface.

  • FIXED [Project breakdown report] Project breakdown report export not working.

  • FIXED [API] Permission error when publishing sequence components using API.


17 June 2019

  • FIXED [Projects] "My projects" lists projects that other users are managers on even though you are not assigned on or are a manager for them.

  • FIXED [User profile] The custom attributes on the user profile includes hierarchical custom attributes.

  • FIXED [User profile] The current user profile display activities from the inbox instead of actions made by the user.

  • FIXED [Client review] [PDF Export] PDF export occasionally fails to export.

  • FIXED [Integrations] ftrack is not working in older browsers such as within Maya 2018 web widgets.


10 June 2019

  • CHANGED [API] [Validation] [Web interface] Trailing and leading whitespaces in Project, task and other Object names are now stripped.

  • FIXED [RV] Not possible to open RV without a selected context or using multi-select open from the Spreadsheet.

  • FIXED [Local install] [ffmpeg] The original file is left in tmp folder after completed ffmpeg encoding.

  • FIXED [Resolver] [Web interface] [Components] Component file paths and URLs does not always display correct in the web interface.


27 May 2019

  • FIXED [Collaborator] [Annotations] Old annotations cannot be shown when clicking on the attachment thumbnail in the new collaborator interface.

  • FIXED [Overview] The setting for displaying bid as days or hours is not respected.


24 May 2019

  • FIXED [Local install] [ffmpeg] FFMPEG encoded videos are not played back in the client review portal.

  • FIXED [API] Query expression strings with certain combinations of whitespaces does not work.

  • FIXED [Time tracking report] Incorrect times displayed in the time tracking report.


22 May 2019

  • NEW [Overview] [Timeline] Add support for filtering out events, tasks and milestones on Users and Projects timeline views.

  • NEW [Overview] Attributes can be changed for the card layout views for Project and User.

  • NEW [Overview] Add support for User and Project cross-project views.

  • NEW [Client review] Client review collaborator interface has been updated with new features and style. Some of the new features are timeline markers, improved annotation tools, note sorting by timecode, pdf support, support for mobile devices and more. Old interface can be re-activated via system settings if needed.

  • NEW [Web interface] [Team page] A project access section have been added to the project team page and can be used to add and remove user access to the project.

  • NEW [Web interface] Added support for private projects. Private projects are only available to users who has explicit access to them.

  • NEW [PDF] Uploaded PDFs now get review metadata.

  • NEW [Performance] Improved performance API performance for queries.

  • NEW [Local installation] Added support for MariaDB 10.3.

  • NEW [Theme] Add support for switching default theme in application from System Settings. Changing this setting will affect all users that has not already switched theme.

  • NEW [Events] Added entity_type attribute to update events which matches the API schemas.

  • NEW [Events] Added events for UserSecurityRole and UserSecurityRoleProject changes.

  • NEW [API] Added support for exporting review session feedback from API with a delayed_job action.

  • NEW [API] Added support for private projects. A project can either be private or open. All existing projects are open, which means they can be accessed by users who can access all projects or have explicit access to a project. Private projects are only visible to the user who created it, or users who are explicitly given access to it after the project has been created.

  • NEW [API] Added new permission to control who can grant users access to a project. The permission is automatically added on roles that are allowed to create new projects. The new permission does not allow giving users new roles, only grant access to projects for existing roles. This new permission make it possible for project managers to grant users access to a new project they have created without requiring access to system settings.

  • NEW [API] Added support for Manager and ManagerType.

  • NEW [Web Interface] [Review] Added setting to control if version numbers should be automatically detected from filename when uploading files in the web interface. The setting can be found in system settings under advanced settings.

  • CHANGED [Time report] The dates in the time report export will now be in the timezone of the user creating the time log.

  • CHANGED [Time report] Entries in the time report export will now be sorted by date with the newest entry first.

  • CHANGED [Overview, Cross project views] Changed default sort order of Versions to be latest published.

  • CHANGED [Overview] Changed dashboards in Overview to have the new filter panel and new settings panel.

  • CHANGED [Web interface] [System settings] The dialog for managing a users security roles have been update with new look and design.

  • CHANGED [Client review] Updated design and messaging when visiting an expired review.

  • CHANGED [Client review] [Export] Updated client review export with new design.

  • CHANGED [Export] Exports may no longer contain any non-thumbnail images.

  • CHANGED [Notification] Update notification emails to be more consistent when referring to collaborator updates in a review.

  • CHANGED [Cloud hosted] [Encoding] The thumbnail of a multi page PDF will now only show the first page.

  • CHANGED [Legacy API] Support for adding and removing security roles to users and granting access to projects for users using legacy API has been removed. Please use new API instead.

  • CHANGED [Legacy API] Support for bookings and phases in legacy API has been removed.

  • CHANGED [Internal review] Annotations are now enabled in Safari 11 and later in internal review.

  • CHANGED [API] Adding and modifying UserSecurityRole directly is no longer supported. Instead the new actions add_user_security_role, remove_user_security_role, update_user_security_role, ' grant_user_security_role_project and revoke_user_security_role_project should be used. add_user_security_role, update_user_security_role and remove_user_security_role accept user_id and role_id as parameters, while grant_user_security_role_project and revoke_user_security_role_project accept the additional parameters project_id or all_open_projects. update_user_security_role also takes the additional parameter new_role_id.

  • CHANGED [API] The projects relation on UserSecurityRole has been removed and replaced by the user_security_role_projects relation which references the new object UserSecurityRoleProject.

  • CHANGED [API] The is_all_projects attribute on UserSecurityRole has been deprecated and replaced by is_all_open_projects attribute. The old attribute will continue to be available for now.

  • CHANGED [Legacy API] "Legacy python API client is no longer bundled with the server, it should instead be installed as a python package using:

pip install ftrack-python-legacy-api

  • CHANGED [Documentation] Documentation is no longer available via the ftrack server, instead use

  • FIXED [Time report] Dates in the time report export are not properly formatted in Apple Numbers or LibreOffice.

  • FIXED [Client review] [Internet Explorer] Review does not load in Internet Explorer 11.

  • FIXED [Tasks spreadsheet] [Web interface] May sometimes load slowly or load duplicated rows after importing data or adding items in another browser tab.

  • FIXED [System settings] Sharing views and dashboards with everyone is not working correctly from system settings.

  • FIXED [Overview] Filter count on cross-project views are not correct.

  • FIXED [API] Some complex API queries may fail with internal server error.

  • FIXED [SAML] Single logout not always working as expected.

  • FIXED [Web interface] Loading web interface can be slow when having many object types.

  • FIXED [API] Deleting a project using the API will sometimes fail randomly.

  • FIXED [Client review] Invitation email does not contain review description.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Cross-project views] Cross project views with lots of asset versions is slow to load when sorting on date.

  • FIXED [Review] [Cloud hosted] The review image generated when uploading images has the wrong name when being downloaded.

  • FIXED [Spreadsheet] Count summary in spreadsheet header has incorrect label.

  • FIXED [Upload] [Web interface] Not possible to upload versions to a Milestone.

  • FIXED [Tasks page] [Web Interface] Removing top item from spreadsheet results in server error.

  • FIXED [Lists] [Sidebar] [Web Interface] List category is not rendered correct in List sidebar.

  • FIXED [Event hub] [Web Interface] Event hub not working if username contains certain characters.

  • FIXED [Review] [Web Interface] Non ascii characters are stripped from uploaded file names.


29 March 2019

  • FIXED [Events] Events stored in database contains internal values which may cause reading events using legacy API to fail.

  • FIXED [Client review] Client review transfer feedback will sometime fail to load when having lots of items in a review.


25 March 2019

  • FIXED [Local installation] Database upgrade can sometimes fail when upgrading database from 311 to 312.


1 March 2019

  • FIXED [Versions Spreadsheet] Versions Spreadsheet can sometimes become blank when using filters.

  • FIXED [Notifications] Notification is not sent when more than one user is assigned at the same time or when a second user is assigned to a task with existing assignees.


29 January 2019

  • CHANGED [My tasks] [Web interface] The available tasks column is now collapsed by default.

  • FIXED [Web interface] Tasks page is not loaded as the default dashboard for new users.

  • FIXED [API] Using an API key fails randomly after making a call to /component/thumbnail endpoint.


15 January 2019

  • CHANGED [SAML] ftrack session expiration now take precedence over SAML session expiration.

  • NEW [SAML] Added support for reading firstname, lastname and email from the SAML response as extended attributes. The attributes will be used when creating a new user but also update existing users when they login.


7 January 2019

  • FIXED [Web interface] Error when inviting new users and no more licenses are available.

  • FIXED [Web interface] [Dark theme] The text when editing descriptions is hard to read in the dark theme.

  • FIXED [Inbox] Error on certain assignment notifications in the inbox.

  • FIXED [Local installation] Cached render templates may cause ftrack to crash when upgrading server version.

  • FIXED [Web interface] Error when inviting users and language is set to Chinese.


4 December 2018

  • FIXED [Web interface] ftrack may fail to load when username contains mixed case.

  • FIXED [Resolver] [Local installation] Resolver service not always working.

  • FIXED [Web interface] [System Settings] Typo in information tooltip about API key.

  • FIXED [Web interface] [Time logging] [Performance] Selecting a task for time tracking may be slow if there is a large number of tasks.


15 November 2018

  • FIXED [API Keys] ftrack web interface is sometimes not working properly after a user have reset their personal API key. The issue can be resolved by a logout/login if running 4.1.0.

  • FIXED [API] Can not write a reply to a review session note using the API if the note was written by a collaborator.


13 November 2018

  • NEW [Internal] Internal queue based image encoder is not working properly when using internal storage.

  • NEW [Internal] Added support for calculating storage usage for Project or everything.

  • NEW [API] Added support for seen as a new ReviewSessionObjectStatus.

  • NEW [Filtering] Added support for additional variables in advanced filter queries: {YESTERDAY}, {LAST_WEEK}, {LAST_MONTH} and a {DAYS(N)} function that can be used for dates relative to today (e.g. DAYS(30), DAYS(-7)).

  • NEW [Overview] [Cross-project views] Added support for advanced query filter.

  • NEW [Overview] [Cross-project views] Added new Display density setting for List mode in Cross-project views

  • NEW [Schedule] [My Tasks] Added support to show/hide blocked and done tasks from user schedule.

  • CHANGED [API keys] [Security] User API keys can now be regenerated from the user account page.

  • CHANGED [API keys] [Security] New API keys can only be viewed when they are created and not read at a later time.

  • CHANGED [License] [System Settings] Clarified license information section in system settings to be easier to read.

  • CHANGED [Action] Updated application icons for actions.

  • CHANGED [Session] [Security] Event server and custom widgets will now rely on session authentication instead of using API keys.

  • CHANGED [Localisation] [Chinese] Updated Chinese localisation.

  • FIXED [Overview] Cross project view widget may end up in a bad state if it fails to load.

  • FIXED [License, Local installation] License information not always visible if mac address is not valid.

  • FIXED [Internal] Add meta header to prevent search engines from indexing and crawling the login page.

  • FIXED [Events] User assignment events are not stored in the database after objects have been deleted.

  • FIXED [Events] Events are not persisted to the database in the same transaction as the data which can result in missing events after a system failure.

  • FIXED [Events] Certain events stored in the database does not reflect the actual change fully.

  • FIXED [SAML] SAML authentication via some identity providers does not work correctly when using an extended attribute as username.

  • FIXED [SAML] SAML session expiry is not always set correctly.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Cross-project views] Bid days are not displayed or filtered correctly.


29 November 2018

  • FIXED [Web interface] [Gantt] Error when moving multiple objects in gantt when child tasks do not have dates.


31 October 2018

  • FIXED [Local installation] The change introduced in 4.0.3 for stricter request validation resulted in server not being accessible from multiple domains. This fix removes that limitation for local installations.


25 October 2018

  • FIXED [Web interface] [Task spreadsheet] [Gantt] When scheduling using the Gantt view, the rows are not correctly aligned if the Task spreadsheet does not include the thumbnail column.

  • FIXED [Web interface] [Task spreadsheet] Text may be hard to read in the dark theme in when using negative alert cell formatter or in task type columns without a defined color.

  • FIXED [Web interface] [Inbox] Unread notifications are hard to differentiate from other notifications.


15 October 2018

  • CHANGED [Web interface] [API] Application and API endpoints will now do stricter request validation. Also see migration note for local installs.

  • FIXED [Local install] Fix potential issue with a database migration in version 3.6.2 when the database contains bad data.


3 October 2018

  • FIXED [Tasks spreadsheet] Rows without thumbnails in the tasks spreadsheet changes height slightly when selected.

  • FIXED [Team planner] [Team calendar] Team planner and calendar are not always showing the correct data when loading assignments.


1 October 2018

  • FIXED [Encode media] [API] Encoding media using the API can sometimes fail when keep_original is set to false.

  • FIXED [Storage] The storage usage page is sometimes not able to load successfully.


24 September 2018

  • NEW [Overview] New Cross-project view dashboard to allow users to see and filter on Tasks, Versions, Milestones, Shots or other objects in a List or Card layout.

  • NEW [Web interface] Updated style in dark and light themes.

  • NEW [Local install] [Security] The ftrack login form can now be hidden to prevent users from entering their credentials instead of using Single Sign-On. The form can be hidden by setting "ftrack.enable_ftrack_login = false" in the ftrack.ini file.

  • CHANGED [Web interface] Added an option to contact support under "Help" in the user menu for hosted instances.

  • CHANGED [API] Added support language, theme and email user settings in the API.

  • CHANGED [API] [Project schema] Expose relationships between ProjectSchema and ObjectType in the API.

  • CHANGED [Email] [Notifications] Email notifications have been updated with a new design.

  • CHANGED [Email] [Note] Note text is now formatted in email notifications.

  • CHANGED [Email] [Settings] Removed unused option "Include images in email".

  • CHANGED [API] Improved query performance for users with permission roles on a limited set of projects.

  • CHANGED [Tasks spreadsheet] [Versions Spreadsheet] Selection in tasks and versions spreadsheet is now more clearly displayed.

  • CHANGED [Tasks spreadsheet] Right click to open context menu outside of selection in tasks spreadsheet will update selection.

  • CHANGED [Custom widget] Opening actions and sidebar for entities such as "AssetVersion" incorrectly uses "asset_version" instead of "assetversion" as entity type.

    See also migration notes

  • CHANGED [Local install] [ffmpeg] The "Upload media" dialog in the tasks page will no longer stop a user from uploading if ffmpeg is not installed on the server.

  • CHANGED [Local install] [ffmpeg] ffmpeg video conversion will now read the file via URL instead of directly from disk which means it can now be used for any type of storage such as a self hosted media server.

  • CHANGED [Legacy API] API version is no longer validated against server version.

  • FIXED [Settings] All settings are read when application loads.

  • FIXED [API] The send_review_session_invite operation returns that emails are successfully sent for bad email addresses.

  • FIXED [API] Unable to create components with unicode names via JavaScript API client.

  • FIXED [Email] [Digest] An empty "" category may appear in digest emails.

  • FIXED [Client review] Unable to load videos when using mobile browsers.

  • FIXED [Performance, Tasks Spreadsheet] Performance and high memory usage issues when using the Tasks Spreadsheet with a large number of task types and custom attributes.

  • FIXED [Notes] [Notifications] [Activity feed] Change of a note reply content will appear as new notes being created in the activities feed and notification emails.

  • FIXED [Web player] [Client review] Annotations are some times not working correctly when annotating more than one frame in Google Chrome.

  • FIXED [Web player] Loading other versions in web player may resolves to the wrong URL for components in multiple locations.

  • FIXED [List] [Web Interface] Icon to toggle closed list visibility in project outliner is badly positioned in Firefox.


28 August 2018

  • FIXED [API] [Custom attributes] Unable to read non-ascii custom attribute values via API.


24 August 2018

  • FIXED [Client review] Unable to load videos when using mobile browsers.


11 July 2018

  • NEW [API] Added support for order by on nested scalar relationships in the API.

  • NEW [Views] [Tasks Spreadsheet] [Versions Spreadsheet] Views can now be shared with groups.

  • NEW [Dashboards] Dashboards can now be shared with groups.

  • FIXED [System Settings] Enable of existing users will sometimes incorrectly fail due to license limit.

  • FIXED [Local install] Username in signed component URL is sometimes empty when authenticating with username and API key.

  • FIXED [Web player] Improved permission check for web player content.


31 May 2018

  • NEW [Localization] [Chinese] [Web interface] [Overview] Support for Chinese (Simplified) localization in the web interface and overview.

    The default language is based on your browsers preferences, but can be
    adjusted in system settings.

  • NEW [Localization] [Chinese] [Email] Support for Chinese (Simplified) localization for emails.

    The language is based on the user's preference if explicitly set, and
    otherwise falls back to Language option in general settings.

  • NEW [Localization] [Overview] Dates and times in Overview are now displayed according to your browser's locale.

  • NEW [Overview] [Users] Users section in overview now support card and list modes for viewing users.

  • CHANGED [Overview]
    Improved selection visibility, the toolbar will now display how many
    items are selected.

  • CHANGED [Internal] [Encoding]
    Characters from certain languages (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Korean,
    Cyrillic) cannot be saved.

    The connection charset is changed from the default latin1 to utf8.

    See migration notes for local installations.

  • CHANGED [Localization] [Chinese] [PDF Export]
    Changed font used for PDF export to support more characters. When using
    ftrack with Chinese language, a font with support for Chinese characters will be used automatically.

  • FIXED [Export]
    When the exported title only contains Unicode characters, the
    downloaded file may have an empty file name.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Forecast]
    Different time modes can be selected in forecast report, but they have no effect.

  • FIXED [Overview] [Forecast]
    Moving forward in time can sometimes skip past the current visible end date.


24 July 2018

  • FIXED [Performance] [Tasks Spreadsheet]
    Performance and high memory usage issues when using the Tasks Spreadsheet with a large number of task types and custom attributes.

  • FIXED [Notes] [Notifications] [Activity feed]
    Change of a note reply content will appear as new notes being created in the activities feed and notification emails.


29 May 2018

  • NEW [Encoding] [Local install] FFMPEG encoding resolution and bitrate can now be configured via the configuration options ftrack.ffmpeg_video_resolution and ftrack.ffmpeg_video_bitrate. Default max resolution is 720 and bitrate is 2000. Both settings are integers.

  • NEW [API] Added support for subqueries in API filters to allow for complex queries on entities that do not have a defined relation in the schema.
    See also Subquery filters

  • CHANGED [Internal] Prepared support for non-moderated Review sessions where Notes are automatically transferred.

  • FIXED [Custom attributes] Not possible to select multiple options for Enumerator custom attribute on User and List.

  • FIXED [Workflow] Workflow schemas can become corrupted if pressing the save button multiple times.

  • FIXED [Encoding] [Local install] FFMPEG encoding is upscaling low resolution videos.


17 May 2018

  • NEW [Events] Update events are now sent out for jobs, links and when editing notes.

  • NEW [List] [Web Interface] Added ability to hide closed lists from the left navigation menu.NoteClosed lists are hidden by default and can be displayed by clicking on the Toggle display of closed lists button.

  • CHANGE [Events] Automatic updates have been disabled for webkit versions older than 535.0 as it is not able to handle event server connections properly. This change will mainly affect older QWebView widgets and not newer web browsers.

  • CHANGE [Legacy API] [System Settings] Removed download link for the legacy API from the System Settings > About page.You can still download the legacy API from <your-ftrack-server-url>/python-api.tar or from the git repository

  • CHANGED List, Web Interface Empty List categories are now hidden from the left navigation menu.

  • FIXED [System Settings] The About page in System Settings statistics is slow to load if there are many large projects.

  • FIXED [Client review] No loading indication when loading media before parts of the media has been buffered.

  • FIXED [Client review], [Web player] Progress indicator and play icon is not reset until playback is resumed when switching items.

  • FIXED [Overlay player] Duration is sometimes calculated incorrectly in overlay player.

  • FIXED [Timesheet] Tasks are not sorted correctly by name.


3 May 2018

  • NEW Client reviewThe creator of a client review can now enable/disable if email notifications should be sent out to collaborators. A global setting has also been introduced to allow setting the default value for new client reviews.

  • CHANGE Tasks Spreadsheet Thumbnails are now loaded on demand to improve performance when loading large data sets.

  • FIXED API Random exceptions when updating user objects.

  • FIXED API Querying current user can return old data.

  • FIXED Create dialog Not always possible to choose priority from Create Dialog.

  • FIXED Create dialog Custom attributesSidebarCustom attributes are not sorted alphabetically according to their groups.

  • FIXED Reports Not possible to filter inactive users in the Time Tracking report.

  • FIXED Web interface Some Sidebar lists does not support sorting, or have a random default sort order.

  • FIXED Web interface Sidebar thumbnail views does not always display all results.

  • FIXED Web interface Sidebar lists does not load views properly on high resolution screens.

  • FIXED System Settings Listing workflow schemas in System Settings can be slow with many workflows.

  • FIXED Tasks Spreadsheet Task columns and notes are not always displayed correct when using the Tasks Spreadsheet on a large project.

  • FIXED Client review List of collaborators is limited to 25 items.

  • FIXED Client review, Notes Transfer of notes from a review session may result in an error if there are a lot of notes.

  • FIXED Custom attributes Hierarchical custom attributes do not always trigger update events.

  • FIXED Spreadsheet, Web Interface Tasks spreadsheet column headers become out of sync with spreadsheet data after moving or resizing a column.

  • FIXED Spreadsheet, Web Interface Tasks spreadsheet is reloaded when data change, resulting in lost scroll position or rows being collapsed.


7 March 2018

  • FIXED Review, Web interface Overlay player and web player is sometimes picking the wrong location when a review component exists in multiple locations.

  • FIXED Custom attributes, Info The info tab may be blank in some situations when using hierarchical custom attributes in version 3.5.23.


2 March 2018

  • NEW API Using the API action reset_remote it is now possible to reset a users password through the api.
    See also Reset remote operation

  • CHANGED Custom attributes, Performance Tasks, Spreadsheet Improved performance when viewing and filtering on custom attributes from the Tasks Spreadsheet.

  • CHANGED Export,Tasks Spreadsheet Some configurations of the Tasks Spreadsheet will now show the project full name instead of code in the Tasks attribute.
    See also Project full name in tasks spreadsheet

  • FIXED Firefox Overview may become unresponsive after adding the forecast report in Mozilla Firefox.

  • FIXED Scheduling, Tasks spreadsheet, Web interface If no users are visible after filtering in resources pane, it is no longer possible to change filters.

  • FIXED Review session Review session transfer screen cannot load or sync more than 100 notes per item.

  • FIXED API Not possible to send user invites from the API.

  • FIXED SAML Updated SAML dependency to mitigate CVE-2017-11427


19 February 2018

  • FIXED Spreadsheet, Web Interface Unable to rearrange data in spreadsheet when using drag and drop to a row that is not yet loaded and expanded.

  • FIXED Spreadsheet, Web Interface Tasks spreadsheet can sometimes become blank when adding new objects.


6 February 2018

  • NEW Gantt Scheduling Changing the dates on one row using click and drag in the gantt schedule will now move all the selected rows.

  • NEW Custom attributes, Web Interface Added support for asset custom attributes in the web interface.

  • NEW SAML Added support for using a extended attribute as opposed to the nameID as the username.

  • CHANGED Cloud hosted, Encoding, Review, Thumbnail Updated formats for image encoding according with currently supported formats. The following formats are now supported and will automatically generate a review version and thumbnail when uploaded to the versions tab.Noteai, arw, bmp, cr2, dcm, dicom, eps, gif, jpeg, jpg, nef, orf, pdf, png, psd, rw2, svg, tif, tiff, webp.

  • CHANGED Custom attributes, Performance, Versions, Spreadsheet Improved performance when filtering on custom attributes from the Versions Spreadsheet.

  • CHANGED Sidebar, Versions Asset name is now visible in the sidebar info tab.

  • FIXED Email An image is attached to notification emails, but not displayed.

  • FIXED Spreadsheet Views When managing spreadsheet views, the dropdown is limited to 25 items.

  • FIXED Asset Version Links Unable to delete an asset version if it has multiple links to the same asset version.

  • FIXED Local install Update supervisord configs to run the ftrack user regular worker as opposed to root.NotePlease double check your permissions for the ftrack config directory ( default : /opt/ftrack_config ), all files and subfolders should be owned by the ftrack user.

  • FIXED Spreadsheet Manual sort values in tasks page are sometimes updated incorrectly when sorting on other columns.


12 January 2018

  • FIXED Web player Users without permissions on all projects are unable to load Web player in some situations.

  • FIXED Profile Users are unable to change password unless another attribute is also changed.


12 January 2018

  • FIXED LDAP Unable to sign in via LDAP unless Single Sign-On via SAML support is enabled.


10 January 2018

  • NEW API, Filtering Expose TypedContextStatusChange and AssetVersionStatusChange in the API allowing for filtering and and querying on historical status change data. The new entities are are available via the status_changes relationship on relevant entities.
    See also Query examples.

  • NEW API New action reset_remote in the api allow resetting values to there default value, this for example allows regeneration of user api keys through the ftrack-python-api previously only available in the ftrack-python-legacy-api.NoteIt may take up to 30 seconds for the change to take full effect.

  • FIXED Inbox Notes Users without permission on all projects are unable to write messages and replies from the Inbox in 3.5.15 and later.

  • FIXED Notes User who has completed a note cannot be deleted.

  • FIXED Links, Sidebar Outgoing links not rendered correctly.

  • FIXED Links, Sidebar Versions without tasks are not shown under version links.


2 January 2018

  • FIXED Client review Invitees are unable to write note replies in version 3.5.15, 3.5.16.

  • FIXED Project Breakdown, Reports The month could be incorrectly calculated on certain dates.


29 December 2017

  • FIXED Client review Invitees are unable to read and write notes in client review in version 3.5.15.


22 December 2017

  • NEW Authentication, SAML, SSO Add support for Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML 2.0.
    See also Configuring SSO via SAML.

  • CHANGED Developer, Web interface Updated design of generic error pages. For XHR requests, the server errors is no longer formatted as an HTML page.

  • FIXED Component, Resolver Unable to resolve paths for components with relative paths published to the unmanaged location.

  • FIXED Scopes, Spreadsheet Copy and paste in tasks page will fail with a server error when using scopes.

  • FIXED Permissions, Web Interface Improved permission checks for certain widgets.

  • FIXED Tasks spreadsheet, Web Interface Expand limit for tasks spreadsheet not always applied.


12 December 2017

  • NEW API, User The attribute require_details_update is exposed on the User entity. If set to true the user will be required to update their personal information the next time they login to ftrack.

  • NEW API, Invite User Add operation for sending a invitation to a user through the api.Send User invite API operation

  • FIXED Overview Unable to view more than 25 projects in list and thumbnails mode in Overview, affecting versions 3.5.12 and 3.5.13.


5 December 2017

  • NEW API, Actions Added support for multi-select in actions UI by setting multi_select as a configuration option.

  • FIXED Authentication, LDAP Unicode characters in the present in the distinguished name causes authentication errors.

  • FIXED Links, Sidebar, Web Interface Links tab is very slow for large projects.

  • FIXED Links, Sidebar, Web Interface Links tab does not have a default sort.

  • FIXED Security Stricter handling of token expiration.


29 November 2017

  • NEW Lists, Sidebar, Spreadsheet Added new Lists attribute available from Versions and Tasks Spreadsheet and sidebar info tab.

  • NEW Actions, Developer, Widgets The widget window can now be closed programmatically by using the ftrack.application.close-widget postMessage event if the widget is being used as an action.

  • NEW Links, Sidebar, Web Interface Asset version links now show if they are outgoing or incoming.

  • NEW Links, Sidebar, Web Interface Filters for Direction and Asset Type were added.

  • NEW Links, Sidebar, Web Interface You can now change the status of a linked asset version from the asset version links panel.

  • NEW Custom attributesFiltersAdded support for filtering on dynamic enumerator custom attributes.

  • CHANGED Tasks, Spreadsheet The “Task columns” now display the task with the lowest status if multiple tasks of the same type exists.

  • CHANGED API Review Session ObjectAdded missing notes relationship to ReviewSessionObject entity schema.

  • FIXED Overview, Users Create button is not available from the users timeline page.

  • FIXED Custom attributes, Sidebar Enumerator custom attributes does not display correctly on the user profile tab.

  • FIXED Filters Icons overlap input field when the filter label is too long.

  • FIXED Tasks spreadsheet, Web Interface Non-editable cells are shown as editable in the Tasks spreadsheet.

  • FIXED Sidebar, Web Interface The contents tab in the list sidebar does not show the item’s type when in thumbnails mode.

  • FIXED Sidebar, Web Interface Versions does not show asset type in sidebar when in thumbnails mode.

  • FIXED Web player Navigating back when in Web player results in a blank page.

  • FIXED Web Interface When viewing note attachment images in full size, the bottom part is cropped if it exceeds the browser size.

  • FIXED Version, Web Interface When uploading files to the versions sidebar, there is no feedback if the upload fails.

  • FIXED Actions, Web Interface Action with variants are not always grouped correctly in the web interface.


1 November 2017

  • FIXED Security Certain valid requests gets malformed in version 3.5.10.


31 October 2017

  • NEW Overview, Scheduling Can now select a new Hours preset to allow for more detailed scheduling.

  • NEW Web interface Added the possibility to set if ftrack should load with My Tasks or Overview by default. You can configure this from “My account”.

  • NEW Custom attributes, Expression Custom expression attributes have been extended with support for ROUND, CEIL and FLOOR functions.

  • NEW API, LDAP Add support for synchronizing users with LDAP through the API.
    See also Related migration note.Execute delayed job API operation

  • NEW API, Events Added support for Membership events to allow detecting when users are added or removed in groups.

  • NEW API, Calendar event Now possible to add metadata to a “Calendar event”.

  • CHANGED Web interface Clarified information and improved usability of delete dialogs. User has to type “delete” to confirm the action.

  • CHANGED My tasks Milestones are now visible in the My tasks schedule widget.

  • CHANGED Web interface It is no longer possible to embed ftrack within another web page using an iframe.
    See also Related migration note.

  • CHANGED Scope Scope menu options and attributes are only visible if there are Scopes configured from System Settings.

  • CHANGED Documentation Updated documentation & support links to point to the new help center.

  • CHANGED Permissions Custom attribute permissions are now grouped based on entity type when configuring Security Roles in System Settings.

  • CHANGED Permissions The “Can use callbacks” permission is no longer used and has been removed.

  • CHANGED API, Permissions The “Can access settings” permission has been renamed to “Manage settings” and is now available on API roles.

  • CHANGED API, metadata When querying and projecting a mapped_array relation the default projections for the mapped_array are added. This allows for easier reloading of metadata and custom attribute relations and more intuitive query syntax.

  • FIXED Overview, Timeline Empty text is displayed if number of rows is equal to a multiple of 25.

  • FIXED Thumbnail, Web interface No progress feedback when changing thumbnails from the sidebar.

  • FIXED Scope Not possible to type to filter in when editing Scope attribute on an entity.

  • FIXED Reports Project breakdown report fails to load when a project name contains a dot character.

  • FIXED My Tasks Timelogs widget on my tasks does not automatically update.

  • FIXED LDAP When a user was authenticating through ldap, the distinguished name resolution could fail due to filters not being applied correctly.

  • FIXED Local install UpgradeWhen a database migration fails, the full exception message is not shown.

  • FIXED Security Improved validation of requests between ftrack server and client.

  • FIXED Legacy API Incorrectly formatted events may result in an error when fetching events through ftrack.getActivityEvents.

  • FIXED API, Disk Unable to use the projects relationship on Disk entities via the API.


25 September 2017

  • FIXED Client review Notes written in client review are not being tagged with the current frame.

  • FIXED Overview Images on empty pages does not display correctly.

  • FIXED Dark theme, Overview Not possible to read text on “Updates available” button when using dark theme in Overview.


22 September 2017

  • CHANGED Dashboard, Studio overview The Forecast dashboard in overview is considered a beta and is no longer visible by default. You can add it by selecting it in the plus menu.

  • CHANGED Studio overview Improved feedback when no projects or users are present in Overview.

  • CHANGED Notes Note attachments in TIFF format are now displayed as regular files, as they can not be seen in most browsers.

  • CHANGED Web interface Updated browser icon to match new visual identity.

  • CHANGED API API now raises error if the version attribute on an AssetVersion is incorrectly set to a non-numerical value.
    See also Related migration note.

  • CHANGED Internal review, Web player Notes written in Web player will now be tagged with the current frame number. The number can also be clicked to seek to the frame.

  • FIXED Planning, Studio overview Milestone status and types are not saved when set from Overview.

  • FIXED Create dialog Custom attributes, Sidebar Custom attributes are not sorted alphabetically according to their groups.

  • FIXED Import Import errors are confusing and sometimes hard to understand.

  • FIXED Import Possible to click on wizard buttons while import dialog is processing.

  • FIXED Import Custom attributes with special characters cannot be mapped in import dialog.

  • FIXED Import Name does not display in import dialog Create summary section.

  • FIXED Custom attributes, Lists, Users Custom attributes of date type is not displayed correctly in the Lists and Users spreadsheets.

  • FIXED Client review Setting the company logo to invalid URL could cause client reviews to not load correctly.

  • FIXED Client review Single quote characters in company name cause problems when loading a Client review.

  • FIXED Custom attributes, Dynamic enumerator Not possible to edit a User or List form with a dynamic enumerator custom attribute.


5 September 2017

  • CHANGED Local install, Upgrade Database migrations are now performed in smaller batches to avoid large memory consumption. The output should be more informative and irrelevant warnings are now suppressed.

  • CHANGED Email, Invite user Updated design of invite new user to ftrack email.

  • CHANGED Inbox, Web Interface By default only the last 30 days notifications are displayed in the user inbox.

  • FIXED Dashboard, Studio overview Possible to share Studio Overview dashboards from System Settings.

  • FIXED API, Validation Missing migration note on recent changes to asset parent context validation.
    See also Related migration note.

  • FIXED Actions, Widget Actions of widget type does not work properly.

  • FIXED Inbox, Web Interface Inbox unread filtering does only display Notes.

  • FIXED Dark theme, Web interface Text in resource selectors is hard to read when using the dark theme.

  • FIXED Documentation Update Locations and Managing projects documentation articles to reflect current functionality.


27 July 2017

  • NEW API Added support for concrete relationships in queries.
    See also Queries involving relations to subclasses

  • NEW Actions Documentation Added link to ftrack-action-handler in documentation. It provides a simple base class which can be used to simplify development of custom actions in the Python API.
    See also Action Base Class.

  • FIXED Connect RV Widget Web panels in integrations fail to load in versions after 3.5.4.


17 July 2017


14 July 2017

  • NEW Notes, Web Interface Added support for marking a note as being completable. It is also possible to filter notes and other objects based on completion.
    See also Note completion

  • NEW My Tasks, Notes Added new filter to My Tasks to allow tasks to be filtered based on Note completion.

  • NEW Inbox Added possibility to view sent notes from the Inbox.

  • NEW Scheduling, Tasks spreadsheet, Web interface Added new “Project plan” and “Resources” display options to the Tasks spreadsheet. You can use these to display the project plan.
    See also Viewing related information when scheduling and Resources pane replaced.

  • NEW My tasks Scheduling, Web interface You can now view your schedule from My tasks by selecting the schedule tab. It shows any events and tasks that you are scheduled on.
    See also Viewing your schedule

  • NEW Studio overview Dark theme is now available for Studio overview.

  • CHANGED Tasks spreadsheet, Versions Spreadsheet The Note categories attributes group has been renamed to Notes and now includes the Notes list attribute.

  • CHANGED My Tasks My Tasks projects filter has been moved and does all task columns.

  • CHANGED Filters, Inbox Note filters have been rearranged into one group in the Inbox.

  • CHANGED Notifications Subject titles in email notifications are now less personal and more dense.

  • FIXED API, Custom Attributes Retrieving none ascii characters from custom attributes failed.

  • FIXED My Tasks, Web Interface Certain versions of the Chrome web browser does not display the task status color correctly when using drag-and-drop of tasks to change status.

  • FIXED Permissions, Tasks spreadsheet, Web Interface Issue with users getting “permission denied” when creating a task from the task spreadsheet due to the user not having write permission for unmodified custom attributes.

  • FIXED Filters Advanced filter queries does not work if there is a space in the filtered object type.

  • FIXED Studio overview, Web interface Some menus are not closed when clicking outside and global search can not be toggled when using overview.

  • FIXED Web interface Interface may become unresponsive when using the creating new projects.


12 June 2017

  • NEW Studio overview, Web Interface Added new tools for saving and using dashboards in Studio overview.
    See also Using dashboards in Studio overview.

  • NEW API New Dashboard and DashboardWidget schemas are now available.

  • NEW API, Task Template Task Templates are now supported through the API.

  • CHANGED License, Local install License errors are more verbose allowing for easier debugging. The license handling deals with multiple mac addresses in a more consistent way.

  • CHANGED Sidebar, Web Interface Improved performance when opening the sidebar. Especially noticeable for users with many custom attributes.

  • CHANGED Permissions If a user has the global can access projects permissions for one project, they will now be able to access other projects for which they also have a permission role.
    See also Project permissions changed.

  • FIXED My tasks, Permissions Available tasks not shown if the user does not have access to the Can access projects permissions.

  • FIXED My tasks, Permissions Tasks assigned to the user are visible in My tasks, even if the user does not have a permission role for the project.

  • FIXED Charts, Dashboard, Web interface Some dashboard widget containing charts do not render correctly.

  • FIXED Team page, Web interface Unable to open user sidebar by clicking on user names in team page.

  • FIXED API The API query parser fails when handeling None/NULL values.
    See also Changes to query parser.

  • FIXED Permissions, Tasks spreadsheet, Web Interface Issue with users getting “permission denied” when creating a task from the task spreadsheet due to the user not having write permission for unmodified custom attributes.

  • FIXED Filters Advanced filter queries does not work if there is a space in the filtered object type.

  • FIXED Sidebar, Web Interface Server error when trying to change task status from the asset version sidebar when asset version was not linked to a task.

  • FIXED Export Status text may be illegible in exported PDF due to background color.

  • FIXED Client Review,Web interface Never top level domains, such as ”.software” and ”.technology” were not being recognized as valid mail addresses.


12 May 2017

  • NEW Local installation, Permissions Self-hosted server locationAdded new options for controlling the parameters passed in the signed URL when using a self-hosted server location allowing for additional security checks to be carried out.
    See also Additional settings for self-hosted server location.

  • CHANGED Local install The resolver service now fails gracefully on license error and tries to reconnect automatically.

  • CHANGED API, Validation Creating an asset under leaf context nodes such as milestones or a tasks now fail as expected.
    See also Asset parent valdiation.

  • CHANGED Planning, System settings Calendars has been removed from System settings, as they have been deprecated in ftrack 3.5.
    See also Planning section has been removed.

  • CHANGED API Query server information API operation may now optionally include a list of values to request.

  • CHANGED Permissions The permission “Create projects” has been renamed to “Create and update projects” to correctly reflect what is checked.

  • FIXED API, Permissions Project attributes may be updated via the API by users without all of the required permissions.

  • FIXED Permissions, Web interface No update permissions required to update project color via Sidebar.

  • FIXED API, Permissions A permission error may sometimes incorrectly be raised when changing entities through relationships.

  • FIXED Internal, Performance Generating notifications is slow and may affect overall performance.

  • FIXED Export Group assignees in exported PDFs are rendered as an id instead of as the group name.

  • FIXED System settingsWeb interfaceColors in system settings can be hard to read due to poor contrast between background and text.

  • FIXED My tasks, Sidebar, Web interface Status names can be hard to read in My tasks and sidebar.

  • FIXED Tasks spreadsheetWeb interfaceText in task columns can be hard to read.

  • FIXED Reports Project breakdown report fails to load when using several filters at the same time.

  • FIXED Login A server error occurs when resetting password to a password containing non-English characters.


21 April 2017

  • NEW API PermissionsWeb interfaceAdded new permission Manage object links to create and edit links between objects in ftrack.Security roles that has the Manage objects permission will automatically get the Manage object links permission.

  • NEW System Settings Added a new column Used in schema to Type and Status pages to see which Workflow schemas they are used.

  • FIXED System Settings Not possible to scroll in workflow schema details page.

  • FIXED Connect WidgetError when opening info panel for Connect integrations.

  • FIXED Upgrade Many unrelated warnings are output when running database upgrades.

  • FIXED Documentation Link to Add user to team when allocated to an event is not working from Planning documentation.

  • FIXED Events Some events are not sent when using the messaging queue.


31 March 2017

  • NEW API New features in API require that python API and ftrack Connect must be updated.

  • NEW Studio overview Web InterfaceNew studio overview and planning tools.
    See also Studio overview and Planning section has been removed.

  • NEW Create project The create project dialog has been replaced with a simplified and more user friendly version.
    See also New create project dialog.

  • NEW Project color Projects now have a color which can be set from the sidebar or when creating new projects.

  • NEW API New CalendarEvent and CalendarEvent Resource schemas are now available.

  • NEW API Group schema now has a link attribute that can be used to get the names and ids of parent groups.

  • CHANGED Groups The maximum number of nested groups has been changed from infinite to 4.

  • CHANGED API Project dates are now enforced and need to include tasks and events. Scheduling an event or task outside of the project dates will raise a validation error.
    See also Start and end date validation

  • CHANGED API, Custom attributes Custom attributes are no longer returned sparse when accessed using the custom_attributes relation on Context, AssetVersion, User or List.
    See also Custom attributes are no longer returned sparse via API

  • CHANGED Team board The ability to filter on phase has been removed in favor of type, status, users and groups filters.

  • CHANGED Legacy API Phases and Bookings are now deprecated and the new CalendarEvent object should be used via the new API instead.

  • CHANGED Planning, Web Interface The planning section has been deprecated in favor of the new studio overview and planning tools.

  • CHANGED All projects, Local install, Web Interface The all projects page available for local installations has been deprecated in favor of the new studio overview page.

  • FIXED Create project, Sidebar A project’s start and end dates are not displayed correct if the user is in a timezone with a negative UTC offset (e.g. users in South and North America).
    See also Project sidebar start and end date issues.

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