Advanced features in ftrack Review

Compare mode, Ghosting, Flip and Flop, Sequence playback, Play speed, and Media resolution.

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In this article, we will learn about some of the more advanced features in ftrack Review

Compare mode

In a Review, any asset that has more than one Version (displaying a number higher than 1 and has a little arrow next to it, as shown in the image below), can be opened in the Compare mode.

To do so, first, go to the right sidebar ‘Playlist’ tab and select the ‘Group by Asset’.

Then, select the asset you would like to compare.

And finally, click on the 'Compare button' on the toolbar.

The Compare mode interface opens in the horizontal playlist area - letting you choose between Overlay or Side by Side compare modes.

Side by side

In Side by Side mode, the two files are tiled next to each other and can be played together.

If in Sync with other participants, they will also see the same two files in Side by Side mode.


In Overlay mode, the two files are laid on top of each other, with an opacity slider that allows you to toggle between the two files. Overlay mode is an excellent tool for seeing minor differences, especially during playback.

Overlaid versions:

You can dismiss Compare Mode by either clicking the X to the right of the compare mode controls or by choosing another clip in the playlist.


Ghosting allows drawings to be seen over multiple frames, both before and after the frame on which the annotation is made, authorising the user to sketch the path of an object or to indicate movement over time.

To activate - you just need to click on the ‘Ghosting’ button on the toolbar.

You can find it in the lower centre of the player interface among the other annotation tools.

While enabling, you can also define how many frames you wish to view the annotations behind or ahead of the current frame.

Flip and Flop

The Flip and Flop features allow you to Flip and Flop media, invert mirror images or videos and compare them in Compare mode.

You can activate them from the toolbar buttons, that you can find in the lower centre of the player interface. Once activated - the indicator icons will remain lit and purple till the tool is deactivated.

This is the media Flipped vertically:

This is the media Flopped horizontally:

Sequence playback

Rather than playing each file in your playlist individually, you can also choose to play some - or all of them - in the same timeline.

Select either ‘Play All’ or ‘Play Selection’ from the Playback options gear menu at the lower-left corner.

Play All - will assemble all the clips in playlist order (you can adjust the playlist order using the vertical playlist).

Play Selection - will allow you to choose which clips you want in the sequence.

Playback speed

In the same Playback options gear menu, you can also change the playback speed of your media, including while it’s playing.

It’s a valuable function for auditioning speed changes, especially in animation.

Media resolution

The media resolution settings can be found and set from the ‘Playback options’ menu at the lower-left corner of the player, where you can choose between different resolutions.

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