Add assets from the project library

Assets that you have already uploaded to a project can be added to a review. Navigate to a review via Reviews on the left-hand side, and click Import assets from Library.

Add assets directly from your desktop

Files that you haven't uploaded to a project yet can be uploaded to a review at any time. Just drop the files on a review, or browse to them, and they will be uploaded directly and shared with your collaborators.

Share a review with collaborators

The assets that you share on a review will be available to the collaborators you invite via the Details tab on the right-hand side.

When you add a collaborator, an email invitation containing a unique link to join the secure review will be automatically sent to their email address. This unique link will identify each collaborator when they join, so you know who is adding feedback.

On the same tab on a review, you can:

  • Description - Set a description on your review and let the collaborators know what it is all about!
  • Expiration date - Decide whether it should be always open or access should expire at a specific date
  • Download original media - Toggle whether collaborators should be able to download the original media files or not
  • Disable notifications - Toggle whether collaborators should receive notifications when there is new feedback
  • Passphrase protect - Add an extra level of security by protecting your review session with a passphrase.

Open the collaborator view

If you would like to access a review you can click Play review next to the review title. This lets you view the media in a similar way as the external collaborators will access it, including annotations and feedback. You can also add your own feedback.

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