March 24, 2020

  • CHANGED Added keyboard shortcut for closing the annotation tools.
  • FIXED Switching media more than an hour after loading the review may cause errors displaying it.
  • FIXED Team members list disappears briefly when managing project access.
  • FIXED Unable to post reply to comments in review on mobile.

March 17, 2020

  • NEW [Feedback] New laser annotation tool. Useful for highlighting parts of the image without saving the annotation.
  • NEW [Localization] Add support for Russian localization.
  • CHANGED [Feedback] Improve performance when posting feedback in a Review.
  • CHANGED [Feedback] The default annotation color has changed to be unique for each collaborator.
  • CHANGED [Feedback] Annotation drafts are now shown as timeline markers.
  • CHANGED [Feedback] Annotations are no longer cleared automatically, but can be do so explicitly with a new button in the toolbar.
  • CHANGED [Player] Updated design of time format menu to match playback menu.
  • CHANGED [Localization] Updated localization for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.
  • FIXED [Player, Mobile] The player timeline is hidden in the mobile layout.
  • FIXED [Player] Clicking on the playlist or comment frame tags may jumps to the wrong frame if the video sequence contains a variable frame rate.
  • FIXED [Player] No tooltips for player toolbar icons.

February 19, 2020

  • NEW Play back specific videos in sequence by selecting "Play selection" playback mode.
    CHANGED Added media type icon to each item in playlist in the review player, as well as a new icon if item has multiple versions.
  • CHANGED Improved performance when managing reviews that have a lot of content.
  • FIXED Duplicate items may appear in Library and "Import from library" modal if there are more than 25 assets.
  • FIXED A version which is not the latest may be displayed when managing a review with more than 100 objects.
  • FIXED Activity tab in library fails to load if asset has been renamed.
  • FIXED The checkboxes on the items in different dialogs does not work to click on.
  • FIXED The version selector doesn't sort correctly when there are 10 or more versions of the review session object.
  • FIXED The play review button is visible for empty reviews.
  • FIXED The download button is missing from the internal review player.
  • FIXED Links in activity feed to review media are broken.
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