Upgrade to MariaDB 10.3

Instructions on how to upgrade to MariaDB 10.3

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Note: ftrack 4.2 or higher is required when using MariaDB 10.3

MariaDB 10.3 includes several performance improvements that ftrack will benefit from. ftrack will support MariaDB 5.5 for some time to ensure you have plenty of time to upgrade and verify the upgrade process on your staging server.

Before upgrading, ensure you have backups of your database safely stored. It is also recommended to make a copy of the mysql data folder before upgrading if your database is large as that would allow rolling back to MariaDB 5.5 more quickly. Please note that the MariaDB service must be stopped during the copy.

Upgrade instructions

Make sure you are running ftrack 4.2 or higher.

Stop ftrack service (supervisord_local or ftrack_ssl_large)

service NAME-OF-SERVICE stop

Stop MariaDB 5.5

service mysql stop

Remove MariaDB 5.5

yum remove MariaDB-server MariaDB-client

Clear yum cache

yum clean all

Add new mariadb repository

Update/replace /etc/yum.repos.d/MariaDB.repo with the following config based on the Centos version you are running on the database server.

Install MariaDB 10.3

yum install MariaDB-server MariaDB-client

Start MariaDB 10.3

service mysql start

Upgrade data and check consistency

mysql_upgrade -u root -p

Restart MariaDB

service mysql restart

Start ftrack (supervisord_local or ftrack_ssl_large)

service NAME-OF-SERVICE start

Enable autostart

chkconfig mysql on

MariaDB is now upgraded. Make sure you verify all output so that there are no errors. Do not skip mysql_upgrade command or ignore any errors from it as that will result in problems later on.

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