Navigate to a review.

Comments and annotations already added by your collaborators can be seen on the Feedback tab on the right-hand sidebar. Click the brush icon next to the time stamp on any piece of feedback to show the annotation on the media itself. You can reply to comments using this sidebar. You can also change the sort order to sort by Date or Timecode using the dropdown at the top of the tab.

Note: the sort order option is only available when a single asset is being viewed (eg. the review player view).

The percentage bars visible on the right sidebar provide a quick at-a-glance summary of how many collaborators have seen the items on the review and how many collaborators have left feedback.

You can also focus on feedback on a specific review asset by navigating to it from the review and looking to the right. From here you can add a new comment to the review and select which audience to share it with.

To see all feedback on a project, navigate to the Home tab of the project and scroll down to the Activity box. Toggle the Show feedback only option to show comments added to all assets and reviews including comments added by your team members.

All feedback added to a review can be exported to PDF format from the right-hand sidebar. All comments with time stamps and thumbnails will be included in the generated PDF file.

All collaborators who have viewed a review asset are tagged with a small eye icon in the right-hand sidebar. If a collaborator has set status on an item to either ‘Approved’ or ‘Require changes’, the icon will become a green checkmark or a red stop icon respectively.

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