Creating a project

Let’s create our first project in ftrack Review.

Navigate to the Projects tab on the left-hand menu. Next, on the right-hand side of the ftrack Review window, click on the + icon and then the folder icon that appears to create a new project.

Enter the name of your project. You can edit the name later, so don’t worry if you’re unsure what to name your project at this stage.

Private access can be toggled “On” if you don’t want all your team members to be able to access the project.

Click Create project.

Tip: Adding a thumbnail to the project at this stage is optional, but it helps your team to quickly identify it. To set a thumbnail, first select an image that best represents your project and then drag your image into the top-right hand corner, or click the thumbnail space to find the image on your desktop.

You can also further identify your project by assigning a color to it. Click the color icon below the project thumbnail to set a color.

Creating a review and adding media

On the project home page, a step-by-step guide will appear to help you get started with your first project (and future projects too if you don't close the guide).

Let's continue by following the guide! Click Create a review and enter a name for your new review session.

Next, you can start adding media to share with collaborators. This can be done by simply dropping files on the review, browsing to them, or adding them from the project library.

The thumbnail for the review session will be generated automatically based on the first uploaded media file.

To share media to the review from the project library, click Import assets from Library. This lets you individually select the assets you wish to share from assets already uploaded to the project.

Tip: you can upload multi-page PDF files – collaborators can leave feedback on any of its pages.

Note: You don’t need to use the Library features if you’d prefer not to. You can bypass the Library by creating a Review and add media directly onto it. However, using the Library enables you to create folders and stack asset versions for better organization of project media.

Adding collaborators and sharing a review

Final step in the step-by-step guide is to add people to the review. When you add a collaborator, an email invitation containing a unique link to join the secure review session will be automatically sent to their email address. This unique link will identify each collaborator when they join, so you know who is adding feedback.

To share the review with your collaborators, click Save.

Tip: when entering Review for the first time, you’ll be presented by a welcome tour to guide you through the basics. If you ever want to see the tour again, you can find it in your account settings in the bottom-left of the ftrack Review interface.

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