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Using ftrack Studio
Using the ftrack Review interface
Using the ftrack Review interface
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Using the ftrack review interface

The review Player has a few main sections - the media player, notes/comments entry, the horizontal playlist and the vertical sidebar, which includes all notes/comments, version information and a vertical playlist.

The Player

The media player takes up the majority of the interface, and it supports video, stills and PDF content. Videos can be played by using the play button in the lower left, or by using the space bar. You can click anywhere on the timeline below the video to jump to that exact point in the video, and you can click/scrub the timeline to locate a specific frame.

Playlist items

Playlist items are shown in the vertical and horizontal playlists. To load a playlist item into the player, select the item and the play button will light up to indicate that the item is loaded. Press the play button to play the item.

Note: if the item is a still or PDF, the play button will not appear as the media is not playable.


All notes are entered using the text entry area below the media player. Simply type the note and click Post - the note will be added to the Feedback area in the Feedback tab in the vertical sidebar. Any drawings added to the frame using the annotation tools will also be posted with the text notes.

Once a note has been posted, you can re-open it at any time by clicking on the purple link within the note - all drawings will also be displayed

While entering a note, you can also add a label, and you can also tag specific users to notify them of your comment

Finally, you can also make a note "completeable" which will create a checkbox against the note for the recipient to tick once they have completed it.

Vertical Playlist

The vertical playlist is accessed by clicking on the Playlist tab in the vertical sidebar.

You can use the vertical playlist to re-order the playlist (simply drag and drop any clip to re-order it) and also to choose the preferred Grouping - options are to Group by Shot, Group by Asset, or not to group at all. Whichever grouping option is chosen will also be reflected in the horizontal playlist.

Grouping (Vertical)

When items are grouped in the Playlist, you can switch the active version in the group by clicking the down arrow next to the group/version name, and selecting an alternate version

Horizontal Playlist

The Horizontal Playlist is available at all times and reflects any changes made in the vertical playlist, including grouping and re-ordering, although you cannot group or re-order directly in the horizontal playlist.

You can however select alternate versions from the horizontal playlist while versions are grouped, by clicking the up arrow on any playlist item.

Zoom controls

We've added some on-screen zoom controls to allow users to easily control their zoom functionality. When using the zoom tool, the zoom level will be displayed in the lower right of the player interface.

You can use the +/- buttons to zoom in or out and the reset button to return to 100%

You can also use zoom at any time without needing to select the zoom tool - with any other tool selected, you can still zoom using your mouse wheel, or by using the zoom gesture on your trackpad. The same zoom controls will appear, and will remain while zoomed in, but will disappear automatically when zoom is reset to 100%.

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